2017 Fantasy Football Average Draft Position (ADP)

- Updated: Sunday, July 16th

Every Sunday this offseason, we will post an update in players that have had the biggest moves both up and down in fantasy football average draft position (ADP) from the previous week.

With this information, we can get a better sense of changes in the collective perceptions of fantasy football owners (mock drafters); in essence, it's a version of fantasy stock up/down for players. If a player is moving up the ADP chart, it may lead us to using a higher pick than his current ADP to make sure we secure a targeted player.

Of course, a player's ADP (and movement) is just one (small) piece in determining who to draft and our strategy used to assemble a fantasy roster.

For purposes of our comparison, we will use ADP data from 12-team mock drafts from Fantasy Football Calculator:

Biggest Weekly Movers in Fantasy Football ADP

Biggest Risers (Absolute Terms)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBRyan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins-2.9 (162.6 on 7/9; 159.7 on 7/16)
RBDevontae Booker, Denver Broncos8.2 (163.7 on 7/9; 155.5 on 7/16)
WRMohamed Sanu, Atlanta Falcons-5.8 (168.6 on 7/9; 162.8 on 7/16)
TEEric Ebron, Detroit Lions-6.8 (148.4 on 7/9; 141.6 on 7/16)

[Note: Negative numbers mean the player's ADP is improving (i.e., being drafted earlier) and vice versa.]

Biggest Risers (Percentage)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBRyan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins-1.78% (162.6 on 7/9; 159.7 on 7/16)
RBDavid Johnson, Arizona Cardinals-5.88% (1.7 on 7/9; 1.6 on 7/16)
WRDemaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos-4.99% (38.1 on 7/9; 36.2 on 7/16)
TEEric Ebron, Detroit Lions-4.58% (148.4 on 7/9; 141.6 on 7/16)

Biggest Fallers (Absolute Terms)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBDeshaun Watson, Houston Texans+3.7 (157.6 on 7/9; 161.3 on 7/16)
RBKenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens+5.1 (93.5 on 7/9; 98.6 on 7/16)
WRKevin White, Chicago Bears+5.8 (143.7 on 7/9; 149.5 on 7/16)
TEO.J. Howard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers+5.0 (112.5 on 7/9; 117.5 on 7/16)

Biggest Fallers (Percentage)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBAaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers+6.33% (22.1 on 7/9; 23.5 on 7/16)
RBJordan Howard, Chicago Bears+8.09% (13.6 on 7/9; 14.7 on 7/16)
WRJulio Jones, Atlanta Falcons+5.36% (5.6 on 7/9; 5.9 on 7/16)
TETyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals+5.14% (70.1 on 7/9; 73.7 on 7/16)

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