2016-17 NBA Power Rankings

- Updated: Monday, March 27th

For each week of the 2016-17 NBA season, we will compile NBA Power Rankings from various sources and aggregate those rankings to arrive at a consensus.

[See links below to read each individual site's NBA Power Rankings for this week.]

1Golden State Warriors59-1411111
2San Antonio Spurs56-162.252223
3Houston Rockets51-2233342
4Boston Celtics48-263.754434
5Toronto Raptors44-2965856
6Cleveland Cavaliers47-256.257675
6Washington Wizards45-286.256568
8Oklahoma City Thunder41-317.759787
9Utah Jazz44-2910891310
10Miami Heat35-381112101111
11Portland Trail Blazers35-3811.251012914
12Milwaukee Bucks37-3611.7511141012
13Los Angeles Clippers44-3112.7515111213
14Memphis Grizzlies40-3313.251415159
15Denver Nuggets35-3813.7513131415
16Indiana Pacers37-361616161616
17Chicago Bulls35-3918.517171921
18Charlotte Hornets33-4018.7518201819
19Dallas Mavericks31-4119.2519211720
20Atlanta Hawks37-3619.520182317
20New Orleans Pelicans31-4219.521192018
22Detroit Pistons34-3921.7522222122
23Orlando Magic27-4624.2525232425
24Minnesota Timberwolves28-4424.7524252624
25Brooklyn Nets16-5725.2523282228
26Philadelphia 76ers27-4625.527242526
27Sacramento Kings28-4525.7526262823
28New York Knicks27-4627.7528272927
29Phoenix Suns22-5229.2529293029
29Los Angeles Lakers21-5229.2530302730

Power Rankings Sources: ESPN, NBA.com, CBS and SI.com

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