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With a healthy obsession to all things football, we at Eat, Drink and Sleep Football (shortcut: EDSFootball.com) have two primary areas of focus: Fantasy Football and the NFL Draft.

Our site's owner, Kevin Hanson (@EDSFootball), has consistently ranked at or near the top of expert accuracy leaderboards in both fantasy football rankings and NFL Mock Draft accuracy.

When FantasyPros posted 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Accuracy results on 7/21/17, here's what they wrote of Hanson:
"After finishing #2 in 2015 and in the top 20 three straight years prior, Kevin Hanson of EDS Football was again in the top quadrant, placing #27 overall this season."
Since FantasyPros started tracking Hanson in 2011, here's how he has finished yearly:

Accuracy / Draft (Preseason)Accuracy / In-season
  • 2018: TBD
  • 2017: 48th (of 130 experts)
  • 2016: 27th (of 145)
  • 2015: 2nd (of 141)
  • 2014: 19th (of 166)
  • 2013: 15th (of 128)
  • 2012: 17th (of 91)
  • 2011: 58th (of 84)
  • 2018: 17th (of 125 experts)
  • 2017: 20th (of 109)
  • 2016: 22nd (of 125)
  • 2015: 37th (of 122)
  • 2014: 60th (of 124)
  • 2013: 17th (of 123)
  • 2012: 17th (of 87)
  • 2011: 3rd (of 67)

Among the 113 experts/analysts tracked in 2015 by The Huddle Report, Hanson's 2015 NFL mock draft ranked as the most accurate. Over the past five years, he is currently second on their overall leaderboard in NFL Mock Draft Accuracy.

[Check out his way-too-early 2019 NFL Mock Draft.]

Hanson has appeared on various ESPN Radio and NBC Sports Radio affiliates to discuss fantasy football and NFL Draft.

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