Fantasy Football ADP: Biggest Weekly Risers/Fallers in Average Draft Position

Every Sunday, we post an update in players that have had the biggest moves — both up and down — in fantasy football average draft position (ADP) from the previous week.

With this information, we can get a better sense of changes in the collective perceptions of fantasy football owners (mock drafters); in essence, it's a version of fantasy stock up/down for players. If a player is moving up the ADP chart, it may lead us to using a higher pick than his current ADP to make sure we secure a targeted player.

Of course, a player's ADP (and movement) is just one (small) piece in determining who to draft and our strategy used to assemble a fantasy roster.

For purposes of our weekly comparison(s), we use ADP data from 12-team mock drafts from Fantasy Football Calculator:

Biggest Risers (Absolute Terms)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBTyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills-2.2 (134.1 on 7/2; 131.9 on 7/9)
RBJamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers-7.7 (124.4 on 7/2; 116.7 on 7/9)
WRKenny Britt, Cleveland Browns-9.2 (151.4 on 7/2; 142.2 on 7/9)
TEJared Cook, Oakland Raiders-3.6 (159.9 on 7/2; 156.3 on 7/9)

[Note: Negative numbers mean the player's ADP is improving (i.e., being drafted earlier) and vice versa.]

Biggest Risers (Percentage)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBAaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers-3.29% (22.8 on 7/2; 22.1 on 7/9)
RBDavid Johnson, Arizona Cardinals-10.53% (1.9 on 7/2; 1.7 on 7/9)
WRMartavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers-6.11% (48.8 on 7/2; 45.7 on 7/9)
TERob Gronkowski, New England Patriots-4.74% (21.9 on 7/2; 20.9 on 7/9)

Biggest Fallers (Absolute Terms)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBBlake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars+5.9 (153.7 on 7/2; 159.6 on 7/9)
RBDevontae Booker, Denver Broncos+7.3 (156.4 on 7/2; 163.7 on 7/9)
WRCorey Davis, Tennessee Titans+6.4 (95.0 on 7/2; 101.4 on 7/9)
TECoby Fleener, New Orleans Saints+7.0 (151.4 on 7/2; 158.4 on 7/9)

Biggest Fallers (Percentage)
Pos.PlayerADP change
QBAndy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals+4.18% (125.7 on 7/2; 131.0 on 7/9)
RBEzekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys+26.92% (2.2 on 7/2; 2.9 on 7/9)
WRCorey Davis, Tennessee Titans+7.15% (95.0 on 7/2; 101.4 on 7/9)
TECoby Fleener, New Orleans Saints+4.67% (151.4 on 7/2; 158.4 on 7/9)

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