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Our New York Jets 2018 NFL Mock Draft Database features various NFL mock drafts from draft analysts, experts and websites.

The table below lists the 2018 NFL Mock Draft (with a hyperlink), the date of their latest update as well as the top three picks (or as many that are projected, if less) for the New York Jets.

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Mock DraftDate1st pick2nd pick3rd pick
EDSFootball - Kevin4/24B. MayfieldO. Okoronkwo
Arena Fanatic - Tyler4/24S. Darnold
SportSmasher4/24B. Mayfield
WalterFootball.com4/24B. MayfieldA. CorbettT. Settle
Draft Tek4/24J. RosenR. FreemanJ. Noteboom
Football Couch Scout4/24B. MayfieldA. KeyO. Okoronkwo
Draft Blaster4/24B. MayfieldN. ChubbP. Hall
CBS Sports - Brinson4/24J. Rosen
Walter Football - Charlie4/24B. MayfieldC. CampbellN. Shepherd
Draft Blaster - DraftGeek4/24J. Rosen - Davis4/24B. Mayfield
Washington Post - Harris4/24B. Mayfield
Arena Fanatic - Mark4/24S. Darnold
L.A. Times - Beat writers4/23S. Darnold - Jeremiah4/23B. Mayfield
MMQB - King4/23J. Rosen
Newsday - Klopsis4/23B. Mayfield
Pioneer Press - Tomasson4/23J. Allen
The Sports Bank4/23J. Rosen - Conway4/23J. Rosen
Palm Beach Post - Lieser4/23B. Mayfield
CBS Sports - Trapasso4/23B. Mayfield
SB Nation4/23B. Mayfield
The Huddle4/23B. Mayfield
Draft Ace4/22B. MayfieldO. Brown
Draft Analyst - Pauline4/22B. MayfieldF. Ragnow
CBS Sports - Fornelli4/22B. Mayfield
NFL Draft Days - Frank4/21B. Mayfield
The Phinsider4/21B. Mayfield
Newsday - Glauber4/21J. Rosen
EDSFootball - Brendan4/20B. Mayfield
Huddle Report - Forrest4/20S. Darnold
Draft King4/20B. Mayfield - Reuter4/20B. MayfieldD. CarlsonB. Hill
WKBW Buffalo - Buscaglia4/20B. Mayfield
Huddle Report - Mark4/20B. Mayfield
NBC DFW 5 - Scruggs4/20J. Rosen
CBS Sports - White4/20J. RosenE. St. BrownD. Smythe
Fanspeak - Steve4/19B. Mayfield
NFL Draft Scout - Rang4/19B. Mayfield
OC Register - Kartje4/19S. Darnold - Inabinett4/19B. Mayfield
Buccaneers.com4/18B. Mayfield
Fanspeak - John4/18B. Mayfield
CBS Sports - Wilson4/18B. Mayfield
Functional Sportsaholic4/18J. Allen
Rotoworld - Lindquist4/17B. MayfieldJ. JonesM. Walton
MMQB - Breer4/17S. Darnold - Stapleton4/16B. Mayfield
Draft Season - Ultimate4/16J. Rosen
USA Today - MMS4/16B. Mayfield
Pro Football Weekly - Edholm4/16S. Darnold
SEC Country4/15J. Rosen
NFL Draft Geek4/14B. Mayfield
Chicago Sun Times - Potash4/14J. Rosen
National Fanatic4/13S. Darnold
Rotoworld - Norris4/13B. Mayfield
Fueled By Sports - Nathan4/13J. Allen
Fueled By Sports - Matt4/13J. Rosen - Brooks4/12S. Darnold
ESPN Cleveland - Grossi4/12J. Rosen
San Diego Union Tribune4/11J. RosenO. Brown
Draft Countdown4/11J. Allen - Banks4/11J. Rosen
Sports Gambling Podcast4/11B. Mayfield - MJD4/10S. Darnold
USA Today - Easterling4/9J. RosenT. CrosbyU. Nwosu
AZ Central - McManaman4/9S. Darnold
First Coast News - Kaye4/8J. Rosen
Football Fan Spot4/8J. AllenD. Schultz
DraftDaddy.com4/6B. Mayfield
Florida Times-Union - Heilman4/6J. Rosen
AJC - Ledbetter4/6S. Darnold
NFL Draft Scout - Brugler4/6J. RosenE. St. Brown
The Blog That Boredom Built4/6J. Rosen
Get Football News - Moose9114/5J. Allen
USA Today - Davis4/4J. Rosen
Star Telegram - Davison4/4J. Rosen
Pro Football Focus4/3J. Rosen - Casserly4/3J. Rosen
WGR 550 - Kramer4/3J. Allen - Shorr-Parks4/2J. Rosen
New York Post - Serby3/31B. Mayfield
L.A. Times - Farmer3/31J. Rosen
Baltimore Beatdown3/30B. Mayfield
Sporting News - Iyer3/30J. Rosen
CBS Sports - Dubin3/30J. Rosen - Schrager3/29J. Rosen
Ourlads3/28J. Rosen
National Football Post3/28J. Allen
Toronto Sun - Bilicki3/28J. Rosen
ESPN - Kiper3/28J. Rosen - Zierlein3/27J. Rosen
Denver Post - Kosmider3/27J. Rosen
Huddle Report - Jonathan3/26J. Allen
Chicago Sun-Times - Finley3/26J. Rosen
SiriusXM - Movin' the Chains3/26J. Rosen
Orange and Brown Report3/26J. Allen
Louisville Courier Journal3/26J. Rosen
Huddle Report - Drew3/24J. Rosen
Niners Nation3/23J. Rosen - Giglio3/23J. Allen
WDIV 4 - Detroit3/23B. Mayfield
Washington Times3/22J. Rosen
CBS Sports - Prisco3/22J. Rosen
AtlantaFalcons.com3/21J. Rosen
The Ringer3/20J. Allen
USA Today - Infante3/19J. Allen - Labbe3/17M. Fitzpatrick
ESPN - McShay3/7J. Allen
Blogging the Boys3/6B. Chubb
MSG Networks3/1M. Fitzpatrick

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