Daily Fantasy Basketball - Vegas Odds for (3/11) NBA Games

Nobody is perfect 100 percent of the time, but Vegas did not grow to be as big and successful as it is by being wrong more than right.

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One of the tools I use to help determine players I want on my roster (or at least to break a tie), especially in daily fantasy basketball leagues, is the projected point totals of each team based on Vegas odds.

While some people simply look at an over-under and that can be useful, I prefer to take it a step further and look at the projected point totals for each team, which can be calculated using over-unders and point spreads.

Although it's an obvious statement, the more points a team scores, the more fantasy points that follow.

Projected point totals are calculated using NBA odds from Sportsbook.ag and sorted from most to least projected points.

RankTeamPoint SpreadOver/UnderProjected Points
1Golden State Warriors-14.5204.5109.5
2Oklahoma City Thunder-6.5210.5108.5
3Atlanta Hawks-7209108
4Charlotte Hornets-8.5205.5107
5Phoenix Suns-5205105
6Portland Trail Blazers-2205.5103.75
7Los Angeles Clippers+6.5210.5102
8Houston Rockets+2205.5101.75
9Miami Heat-3199.5101.25
10Denver Nuggets+7209101
11Minnesota Timberwolves+5205100
12Milwaukee Bucks-819099
13Sacramento Kings+8.5205.598.5
14Brooklyn Nets+3199.598.25
15Chicago Bulls-6.518997.75
15Memphis Grizzlies-6189.597.75
17Detroit Pistons+14.5204.595
18Boston Celtics+6189.591.75
19Philadelphia 76ers+6.518991.25
20Orlando Magic+819091
Odds are as of Wednesday, March 11th at 5:52 PM ET.

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