2017 Fantasy Football Points Allowed: Quarterbacks (QBs)

Curious which teams allow the most fantasy points per position? We have you covered.

Our charts rank teams based on fantasy points allowed to their opponents and is sorted by most to fewest points allowed.

Therefore, the team that ranks 32nd at defending the position is the most favorable matchup for quarterbacks based on this metric. And vice versa.

So, in other words, no team has allowed more fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks than the Giants and no team has allowed fewer fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks than the Jaguars this season.

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RankTeamFP AllowedWeek 17 Opponent
32New York Giants18.65Washington Redskins
31Houston Texans18.5Indianapolis Colts
30New York Jets18.35New England Patriots
29San Francisco 49ers18.34Los Angeles Rams
28Green Bay Packers17.63Detroit Lions
27Cleveland Browns17.45Pittsburgh Steelers
26New England Patriots17.44New York Jets
25Oakland Raiders17.2Los Angeles Chargers
24Indianapolis Colts16.99Houston Texans
23Atlanta Falcons16.89Carolina Panthers
22Kansas City Chiefs16.87Denver Broncos
21Arizona Cardinals16.77Seattle Seahawks
20Miami Dolphins16.71Buffalo Bills
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers16.58New Orleans Saints
18Dallas Cowboys16.32Philadelphia Eagles
17Tennessee Titans16.09Jacksonville Jaguars
16New Orleans Saints15.53Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15Cincinnati Bengals15.49Baltimore Ravens
14Carolina Panthers15.42Atlanta Falcons
11Denver Broncos15.14Kansas City Chiefs
11Detroit Lions15.14Green Bay Packers
11Washington Redskins15.14New York Giants
10Philadelphia Eagles14.67Dallas Cowboys
9San Diego Chargers14.12Oakland Raiders
8Pittsburgh Steelers13.72Cleveland Browns
6Chicago Bears13.19Minnesota Vikings
6Seattle Seahawks13.19Arizona Cardinals
5Buffalo Bills12.9Miami Dolphins
4Los Angeles Rams11.92San Francisco 49ers
3Minnesota Vikings11.58Chicago Bears
2Baltimore Ravens11.05Cincinnati Bengals
1Jacksonville Jaguars10.4Tennessee Titans
Note: Fantasy points allowed are an average per game and are through Week 17.

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