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Fantasy Football Projections: Wide Receivers

The table below lists our fantasy football wide receiver projections for Conference Championship Games of the 2020-21 NFL season.

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1Davante AdamsGreen Bay Packersvs. TB6.8830.8500016.8
2Stefon DiggsBuffalo Billsat KC7.693.10.6100016.77
3Tyreek HillKansas City Chiefsvs. BUF6.1900.
4Chris GodwinTampa Bay Buccaneersat GB6.477.40.6400014.78
5Mike EvansTampa Bay Buccaneersat GB4.7630.5600012.01
6John BrownBuffalo Billsat KC4.560.80.4200010.85
7Cole BeasleyBuffalo Billsat KC4.548.40.330009.07
8Allen LazardGreen Bay Packersvs. TB3.
9Sammy WatkinsKansas City Chiefsvs. BUF3.3380.260.10.507.06
10Mecole HardmanKansas City Chiefsvs. BUF2.738.
11Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGreen Bay Packersvs. TB1.929.
12Tyler JohnsonTampa Bay Buccaneersat GB224.80.210004.74
13Scotty MillerTampa Bay Buccaneersat GB1.924.
14Demarcus RobinsonKansas City Chiefsvs. BUF1.3150.110002.81
15Gabriel DavisBuffalo Billsat KC113.80.10002.48
16Equanimeous St. BrownGreen Bay Packersvs. TB0.913.70.050002.12
17Isaiah McKenzieBuffalo Billsat KC1.

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