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Yearly NFL Receiving Leaders (Receptions)

NFL Yearly Leaders: Passing Leaders - Rushing Leaders - Receiving Leaders

Below is a table of single-season leaders in NFL receptions for the AFC.

YearPlayer, TeamRec.YardsAvg.TD
2019DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans104116511.27
Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers104119911.56
2018DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans115157213.711
2017Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins1129878.89
2016Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers106128412.112
2015Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers136183413.510
2014Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers129169813.213
2013Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers110149913.68
2012Wes Welker, New England Patriots118135411.56
2011Wes Welker, New England Patriots122156912.99
2010Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts111135512.26
2009Wes Welker, New England Patriots1231348114
2008Andre Johnson, Houston Texans115157513.78
2007Wes Welker, New England Patriots112117510.58
T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Cincinnati Bengals112114310.212
2006Andre Johnson, Houston Texans103114711.15
2005Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals97143214.89
2004Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs102125812.37
2003LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers1007257.34
2002Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts14317221211
2001Rod Smith, Denver Broncos113134311.911
2000Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts102141313.914
1999Jimmy Smith, Jacksonville Jaguars116163614.16
1998O.J. McDuffie, Miami Dolphins90105011.77
1997Tim Brown, Oakland Raiders104140813.55
1996Carl Pickens, Cincinnati Bengals100118011.812
1995Carl Pickens, Cincinnati Bengals99123412.517
1994Ben Coates, New England Patriots96117412.27
1993Reggie Langhorne, Indianapolis Colts85103812.23
1992Haywood Jeffires, Houston Oilers9091310.19
1991Haywood Jeffires, Houston Oilers100118111.87
1990Haywood Jeffires, Houston Oilers74104814.28
Drew Hill, Houston Oilers74101913.85
1989Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills88131214.99
1988Al Toon, New York Jets93106711.55
1987Al Toon, New York Jets6897614.45
1986Todd Christensen, Los Angeles Raiders95115312.18
1985Lionel James, San Diego Chargers86102711.96
1984Ozzie Newsome, Cleveland Browns89100111.25
1983Todd Christensen, Los Angeles Raiders92124713.612
1982Kellen Winslow, San Diego Chargers5472113.46
1981Kellen Winslow, San Diego Chargers88107512.210
1980Kellen Winslow, San Diego Chargers89129014.59
1979Joe Washington, Baltimore Colts827509.13
1978Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks71116816.58
1977Lydell Mitchell, Baltimore Colts716208.74
1976MacArthur Lane, Kansas City Chiefs6668610.41
1975Reggie Rucker, Cleveland Browns6077012.83
Lydell Mitchell, Baltimore Colts605449.14
1974Lydell Mitchell, Baltimore Colts725447.62
1973Fred Willis, Houston Oilers573716.51
1972Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland Raiders5880213.87
1971Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland Raiders6192915.29
1970Marlin Briscoe, Buffalo Bills57103618.28
1969Lance Alworth, San Diego Chargers64100315.74
1968Lance Alworth, San Diego Chargers68131219.310
1967George Sauer, New York Jets75118915.96
1966Lance Alworth, San Diego Chargers73138318.913
1965Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos85113113.36
1964Charley Hennigan, Houston Oilers101154615.38
1963Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos78110114.110
1962Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos7790811.84
1961Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos100117611.84
1960Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos92123513.412

Below is a table of single-season leaders in NFL receptions for the NFC.

YearPlayer, TeamRec.YardsAvg.TD
2019Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints149172511.69
2018Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints125140511.29
2017Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals109115610.66
2016Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals10710239.66
2015Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons136187113.88
2014Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons104159315.36
2013Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins113134611.95
2012Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions122196416.15
2011Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons1001296138
2010Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons115138912.110
2009Steve Smith, New York Giants107122011.47
2008Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals96143114.912
2007Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals100140914.110
2006Mike Furrey, Detroit Lions98108611.16
2005Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers103156315.212
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals103140913.710
2004Joe Horn, New Orleans Saints94139914.911
2003Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams117169614.512
2002Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings106134712.77
2001Keyshawn Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers106126611.91
2000Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers102118311.66
1999Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers96125313.18
1998Frank Sanders, Arizona Cardinals89114512.93
1997Herman Moore, Detroit Lions104129312.48
1996Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers108125411.68
1995Herman Moore, Detroit Lions123168613.714
1994Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings122125610.37
1993Sterling Sharpe, Green Bay Packers112127411.411
1992Sterling Sharpe, Green Bay Packers108146113.513
1991Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys93152316.48
1990Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers10015021513
1989Sterling Sharpe, Green Bay Packers90142315.812
1988Henry Ellard, Los Angeles Rams86141416.410
1987J.T. Smith, St. Louis Cardinals91111712.38
1986Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers86157018.315
1985Roger Craig, San Francisco 49ers921016116
1984Art Monk, Washington Redskins106137212.97
1983Roy Green, St. Louis Cardinals78122715.714
Charlie Brown, Washington Redskins78122515.78
Earnest Gray, New York Giants78113914.65
1982Dwight Clark, San Francisco 49ers6091315.25
1981Dwight Clark, San Francisco 49ers851105134
1980Earl Cooper (R), San Francisco 49ers835676.84
1979Ahmad Rashad, Minnesota Vikings80115614.59
1978Rickey Young, Minnesota Vikings8870485
1977Ahmad Rashad, Minnesota Vikings5168113.42
1976Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys5880613.96
1975Chuck Foreman, Minnesota Vikings736919.59
1974Charles Young, Philadelphia Eagles63696113
1973Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles67111616.79
1972Harold Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles62104816.94
1971Bob Tucker, New York Giants5979113.44
1970Dick Gordon, Chicago Bears71102614.513
1969Dan Abramowicz, New Orleans Saints73101513.97
1968Clifton McNeil, San Francisco 49ers71994147
1967Charley Taylor, Washington Redskins7099014.19
1966Charley Taylor, Washington Redskins72111915.512
1965Dave Parks, San Francisco 49ers80134416.812
1964Johnny Morris, Chicago Bears93120012.910
1963Bobby Joe Conrad, St. Louis Cardinals7396713.210
1962Bobby Mitchell, Washington Redskins72138419.211
1961Jim (Red) Phillips, Los Angeles Rams781092145
1960Raymond Berry, Baltimore Colts74129817.510

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