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NFL History - NFC Championship Game Results

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The table below lists all previous NFC Championship Game results. This season's NFC Championship Game will be played on Sunday, January 24th.

Below is a list of results from previous NFC Championship games.

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DateWinnerLoserScoreHome Team
Jan. 24, 2021Tampa Bay BuccaneersGreen Bay Packers31-26Green Bay
Jan. 19, 2020San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers37-20San Francisco
Jan. 20, 2019Los Angeles RamsNew Orleans Saints26-23New Orleans
Jan. 21, 2018Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings38-7Philadelphia
Jan. 22, 2017Atlanta FalconsGreen Bay Packers44-21Atlanta
Jan. 24, 2016Carolina PanthersArizona Cardinals49-15Carolina
Jan. 18, 2015Seattle SeahawksGreen Bay Packers28-22Seattle
Jan. 19, 2014Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers23-17Seattle
Jan. 20, 2013San Francisco 49ersAtlanta Falcons28-24Atlanta
Jan. 22, 2012New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers20-17San Francisco
Jan. 23, 2011Green Bay PackersChicago Bears21-14Chicago
Jan. 24, 2010New Orleans SaintsMinnesota Vikings31-28New Orleans
Jan. 19, 2009Arizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles32-25Arizona
Jan. 20, 2008New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers23-20Green Bay
Jan. 21, 2007Chicago BearsNew Orleans Saints39-14Chicago
Jan. 22, 2006Seattle SeahawksCarolina Panthers34-14Seattle
Jan. 23, 2005Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons27-10Philadelphia
Jan. 18, 2004Carolina PanthersPhiladelphia Eagles14-3Philadelphia
Jan. 19, 2003Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10Philadelphia
Jan. 27, 2002St. Louis RamsPhiladelphia Eagles29-24St. Louis
Jan. 14, 2001New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings41-0New York
Jan. 23, 2000St. Louis RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers11-6St. Louis
Jan. 17, 1999Atlanta FalconsMinnesota Vikings30-27Minnesota
Jan. 11, 1998Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers23-10San Francisco
Jan. 12, 1997Green Bay PackersCarolina Panthers30-13Green Bay
Jan. 14, 1996Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers38-27Dallas
Jan. 15, 1995San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys38-28San Francisco
Jan. 23, 1994Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers38-21Dallas
Jan. 17, 1993Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers30-20San Francisco
Jan. 12, 1992Washington RedskinsDetroit Lions41-10Washington
Jan. 20, 1991New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers15-13San Francisco
Jan. 14, 1990San Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams30-3San Francisco
Jan. 8, 1989San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears28-3Chicago
Jan. 17, 1988Washington RedskinsMinnesota Vikings17-10Washington
Jan. 11, 1987New York GiantsWashington Redskins17-0New York
Jan. 12, 1986Chicago BearsLos Angeles Rams24-0Chicago
Jan. 6, 1985San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears23-0San Francisco
Jan. 8, 1984Washington RedskinsSan Francisco 49ers24-21Washington
Jan. 22, 1983Washington RedskinsDallas Cowboys31-17Washington
Jan. 10, 1982San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys28-27San Francisco
Jan. 11, 1981Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys20-7Philadelphia
Jan. 6, 1980Los Angeles RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers9-0Tampa Bay
Jan. 7, 1979Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams28-0Los Angeles
Jan. 1, 1978Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings23-6Dallas
Dec. 26, 1976Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams24-13Minnesota
Jan. 4, 1976Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams37-7Los Angeles
Dec. 29, 1974Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams14-10Minnesota
Dec. 30, 1973Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys27-10Dallas
Dec. 31, 1972Washington RedskinsDallas Cowboys26-3Washington
Jan. 2, 1972Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers14-3Dallas
Jan. 3, 1971Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers17-10San Francisco
Jan. 4, 1970Minnesota VikingsCleveland Browns27-7Minnesota
Dec. 29, 1968Baltimore ColtsCleveland Browns34-0Cleveland
Dec. 31, 1967Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys21-17Green Bay
Jan. 1, 1967Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys34-27Dallas
Jan. 2, 1966Green Bay PackersCleveland Browns23-12Green Bay
Dec. 27, 1964Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Colts27-0Cleveland
Dec. 29, 1963Chicago BearsNew York Giants14-10Chicago
Dec. 30, 1962Green Bay PackersNew York Giants16-7New York
Dec. 31, 1961Green Bay PackersNew York Giants37-0Green Bay
Dec. 26, 1960Philadelphia EaglesGreen Bay Packers17-13Philadelphia
Dec. 27, 1959Baltimore ColtsNew York Giants31-16Baltimore
Dec. 28, 1958Baltimore ColtsNew York Giants23-17New York
Dec. 29, 1957Detroit LionsCleveland Browns59-14Detroit
Dec. 30, 1956New York GiantsChicago Bears47-7New York
Dec. 26, 1955Cleveland BrownsLos Angeles Rams38-14Los Angeles
Dec. 26, 1954Cleveland BrownsDetroit Lions56-10Cleveland
Dec. 27, 1953Detroit LionsCleveland Browns17-16Detroit
Dec. 28, 1952Detroit LionsCleveland Browns17-7Cleveland
Dec. 23, 1951Los Angeles RamsCleveland Browns24-17Los Angeles
Dec. 24, 1950Cleveland BrownsLos Angeles Rams30-28Cleveland
Dec. 18, 1949Philadelphia EaglesLos Angeles Rams14-0Los Angeles
Dec. 19, 1948Philadelphia EaglesChicago Cardinals7-0Philadelphia
Dec. 28, 1947Chicago CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles28-21Chicago
Dec. 15, 1946Chicago BearsNew York Giants24-14New York
Dec. 16, 1945Cleveland RamsWashington Redskins15-14Cleveland
Dec. 17, 1944Green Bay PackersNew York Giants14-7New York
Dec. 26, 1943Chicago BearsWashington Redskins41-21Chicago
Dec. 13, 1942Washington RedskinsChicago Bears14-6Washington
Dec. 21, 1941Chicago BearsNew York Giants37-9Chicago
Dec. 8, 1940Chicago BearsWashington Redskins73-0Washington
Dec. 10, 1939Green Bay PackersNew York Giants27-0Green Bay
Dec. 11, 1938New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers23-17New York
Dec. 12, 1937Washington RedskinsChicago Bears28-21Chicago
Dec. 13, 1936Green Bay PackersBoston Redskins21-6Neutral
Dec. 15, 1935Detroit LionsNew York Giants26-7Detroit
Dec. 9, 1934New York GiantsChicago Bears30-13New York
Dec. 17, 1933Chicago BearsNew York Giants23-21Chicago

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