2024 MLB Power Rankings

Updated: June 6, 2024

Throughout the 2024 MLB season, we will update our consensus MLB Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our MLB Power Rankings heading into Week 11, ranked by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (including links to each source).

Note: A negative week-to-week change is an improvement.

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1New York Yankees43-191.2-0.621111
2Philadelphia Phillies43-191.8+0.612222
3Baltimore Orioles39-203.8053443
3Los Angeles Dodgers38-243.8-0.245334
5Cleveland Guardians40-204.4+0.234555
6Milwaukee Brewers36-256.2-1.466676
7Atlanta Braves34-247+0.677867
8Kansas City Royals36-268.2+1.4887108
9Seattle Mariners34-279.2-0.61091089
10Minnesota Twins33-279.4-0.49109910
11San Diego Padres32-3111-0.61111111111
12Boston Red Sox30-3112.4-11312121213
13Texas Rangers29-3113.2-5.61513131312
14Detroit Tigers30-3016.2-1.21714181814
15San Francisco Giants29-3216.4+3.61216142020
16St. Louis Cardinals28-3017-21619151718
17Tampa Bay Rays30-3117.2+0.41917161519
18Chicago Cubs29-3117.4+4.81415231916
19Houston Astros27-3417.6+2.41822171417
20Toronto Blue Jays28-3219.4-2.42020191622
21Arizona Diamondbacks28-3220.4+2.82121242115
22Washington Nationals27-3321.6-2.42218202424
23Cincinnati Reds27-3322.6+0.82423222321
23Pittsburgh Pirates28-3222.6+12324212223
25New York Mets26-3525+0.42525252525
26Oakland Athletics24-3726-0.42626262626
27Los Angeles Angels22-3827.4+0.42727292727
28Colorado Rockies21-3828-0.62928272828
29Miami Marlins21-4028.6+0.62829282929
30Chicago White Sox15-453003030303030

Sources: MLB.com, USA Today, CBS Sports, The Athletic, ESPN