2023 MLB Power Rankings

Updated: May 8, 2023

Throughout the 2023 MLB season, we will update our consensus MLB Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our MLB Power Rankings heading into Week 6, ranked by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (including links to each source).

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Note: Change = Change from last week.

1Tampa Bay Rays29-71011111
2Atlanta Braves24-112-0.222222
3Baltimore Orioles22-133.6-233354
4Los Angeles Dodgers21-154-5.255433
5Toronto Blue Jays21-145.2+244765
6Texas Rangers20-135.8-3.476547
7Boston Red Sox21-157.6-11612686
8Milwaukee Brewers20-159+3.88711712
9San Diego Padres18-179.4-2.21198118
10Houston Astros17-1711+4.691391311
10Pittsburgh Pirates21-1511+5.6138101410
12Minnesota Twins19-1611.2+0.6101013914
13Arizona Diamondbacks19-1511.6-2.2121114129
14Los Angeles Angels19-1614.2-4.41618121015
15New York Yankees19-1714.4+1.61415151513
16Seattle Mariners17-1716.2-3.81814161617
17New York Mets17-1816.4+7.21516181716
18Chicago Cubs17-1817.8+21717191818
19Philadelphia Phillies16-1919.6+4.22019172022
19Cleveland Guardians16-1919.6+0.81920211919
21San Francisco Giants15-1821-1.22222202120
22Miami Marlins17-1821.6+3.42121222321
23Detroit Tigers16-1822.8-2.22323232223
24Cincinnati Reds14-2025.2+1.62525272524
24Colorado Rockies14-2225.2-2.42427242427
26Washington Nationals14-2026.202726252825
27St. Louis Cardinals12-2426.6+3.62624282728
28Chicago White Sox12-2426.8-0.22828262626
29Kansas City Royals10-262902929292929
30Oakland Athletics8-283003030303030

Sources: MLB.com, USA Today, CBS Sports, The Athletic, and Fox Sports.

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