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2021-22 NBA Power Rankings

Updated: January 3rd

Throughout the 2021-22 NBA season, we will update our consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our NBA Power Rankings heading into Week 12, ranked by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (including links to each source).

Note: Negative number in change field = improvement (lower #, moving closer to No. 1). Positive number in change field = deterioration (higher #, moving closer to No. 30).

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1Golden State Warriors28-710111
2Utah Jazz26-102.67-0.66422
3Phoenix Suns28-83.33+1.33235
4Chicago Bulls24-104-2.67354
4Milwaukee Bucks25-134-1543
6Brooklyn Nets23-116+2.33666
7Miami Heat23-1470777
8Memphis Grizzlies23-148.33-2889
9Philadelphia 76ers19-169.67-0.3391010
10Denver Nuggets18-1610-111118
10Cleveland Cavaliers21-1610+2.6710911
12Los Angeles Clippers19-1812.33-1.67121312
13Charlotte Hornets19-1814.670131219
14Dallas Mavericks18-1815-0.67161514
15Washington Wizards18-1815.33+1.33151615
16Boston Celtics18-1915.67+2171416
17Los Angeles Lakers19-1916-0.33141717
18Atlanta Hawks16-1918+1202113
18Toronto Raptors16-1718-1.33181818
20Minnesota Timberwolves16-2020+0.67192021
20New York Knicks17-2020+0.33211920
22San Antonio Spurs14-2122.67+0.67222422
23Indiana Pacers14-2323.330242323
23Sacramento Kings16-2223.33-3232225
25Portland Trail Blazers13-2225.33+1.66252724
26New Orleans Pelicans13-2325.67+0.34262526
27Oklahoma City Thunder13-2326.67+0.34272627
28Houston Rockets10-2728-0.33282828
29Orlando Magic7-3029.33+0.66292930
30Detroit Pistons6-2829.67-0.33303029
Sources: NBA.com, ESPN, and The Athletic

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