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Kansas City Chiefs

2018 NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs

Below you will find a table of Kansas City Chiefs results in our consensus NFL Power Rankings.

Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings0-013-13.7510171315
Week 1 NFL Power Rankings0-014-116.511171721
Week 2 NFL Power Rankings1-08+68.75611810
Week 3 NFL Power Rankings2-03+53.253433
Week 4 NFL Power Rankings3-02+122222
Week 5 NFL Power Rankings4-02022222
Week 6 NFL Power Rankings5-02022222
Week 7 NFL Power Rankings5-14-23.53344
Week 8 NFL Power Rankings6-13+13.252344
Week 9 NFL Power Rankings7-14-13.252344
Week 10 NFL Power Rankings8-1403.252344
Week 11 NFL Power Rankings9-12+22.252232
Week 12 NFL Power Rankings9-23-133333
Week 13 NFL Power Rankings9-23033333
Week 14 NFL Power Rankings10-2303.253424
Week 15 NFL Power Rankings11-22+122213
Week 16 NFL Power Rankings11-33-13.753345
Week 17 NFL Power Rankings11-44-143445
Final NFL Power Rankings12-4403.52435

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