2024 NFL Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings

Throughout the 2024 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a post-NFL draft roundup for the Minnesota Vikings in our consensus 2024 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 23

Most improved: Quarterback

The Vikings overhauled two primary positions this offseason: quarterback and pass rush. We'll lean toward quarterback as the most improved because it now revolves around J.J. McCarthy, whose relatively inexpensive rookie contract will provide additional cap space over the next four years to afford overhauls like the one Minnesota executed with its pass rush. The combined cap number of McCarthy and veteran Sam Darnold in 2024 is roughly one-third what incumbent Kirk Cousins would have commanded. -- Kevin Seifert

NFL.com -- Rank: 18

There's a decent case to list the Vikings higher than this, given their targeted, aggressive approach in the draft and a theoretical upgrade at football's most important position. J.J. McCarthy will continue to face doubters until he proves himself at the pro level, but he landed in the best environment a rookie quarterback could hope for, working with Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, a strong offensive line and -- perhaps most importantly -- Kevin O'Connell. Then again, the Vikings might be fourth right now as a team in their own division. Their aggressive approach, which also helped land pass rusher Dallas Turner, forced them to sit out Day 2 of the draft entirely. This isn't a team that's yet ready to graduate to the next tier, but it's also far easier to see them doing so after the draft.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 26

They landed quarterback J.J. McCarthy with the 10th overall pick, which means it's his team now. It is a good situation for a young quarterback.

USA Today -- Rank: 23

As predicted, they ultimately traded up in the first round ... the difference being, almost no one expected them to do it twice for a pair of players. Of course, everything rides on the bet the Vikes have made on QB J.J. McCarthy — though this team likely won't be anyone's doormat, whether he's thrown into the fire this season or redshirts.

The Athletic -- Rank: 20

If J.J. McCarthy is as good as (or even close to as good as) Kirk Cousins, the Vikings will have had the best draft of the year. If he's not the guy, then Minnesota will have let a solid veteran quarterback leave and then expended a lot of draft assets only to fail to answer the quarterback question. Getting Alabama edge Dallas Turner at No. 17 is a nice touch either way.

Fox Sports -- Rank: 23

The Vikings could be a much better team than this ranking suggests, but it all comes down to quarterback play. Is J.J. McCarthy ready to start right away? And if he is, how good is he? How will Sam Darnold perform if he's tapped to be the starter? It's a really nice roster overall, but the QB spot is just too big of a question mark.

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