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2018 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

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Throughout the 2018 NFL season, we will update our consensus NFL Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 9 ranked by average as well as their respective rankings at various sites (links at bottom of table).

Previous weeks:
1Los Angeles Rams8-01011111
2New Orleans Saints6-13+12.753422
3New England Patriots6-22-134233
4Kansas City Chiefs7-13-13.252344
5Los Angeles Chargers5-25055555
6Pittsburgh Steelers4-2-18+26.57766
7Carolina Panthers5-29+276688
8Minnesota Vikings4-3-16-28.58899
9Washington Redskins5-210+1913977
10Baltimore Ravens4-47-31110111013
11Green Bay Packers3-3-111011.511131111
12Philadelphia Eagles4-413+112.259141610
13Cincinnati Bengals5-312-11312161212
14Chicago Bears4-314013.514101515
15Houston Texans5-315014.516121317
16Seattle Seahawks4-317+11515151416
17Atlanta Falcons3-418+11717201714
18Detroit Lions3-416-21920181919
19Dallas Cowboys3-420+119.2521172118
20Miami Dolphins4-418-220.519232020
21Jacksonville Jaguars3-52102218242422
22Indianapolis Colts3-527+522.2524211826
23Tennessee Titans3-423022.522222521
24Denver Broncos3-522-222.7523192227
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-424-12425252323
26Cleveland Browns2-5-125-125.7526262724
27New York Jets3-526-126.2527272625
28Buffalo Bills2-628026.528202830
29Arizona Cardinals2-631+22930282929
30New York Giants1-728-229.529293228
31San Francisco 49ers1-730-130.7531313031
32Oakland Raiders1-632031.7532323132
Sources: ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sports and USA Today.