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Los Angeles Chargers

2018 NFL Power Rankings: Los Angeles Chargers

Below you will find a table of Los Angeles Chargers results in our consensus NFL Power Rankings.

Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings0-010-101211116
Week 1 NFL Power Rankings0-01009.751010109
Week 2 NFL Power Rankings0-113-313.513141611
Week 3 NFL Power Rankings1-112+112.2512111610
Week 4 NFL Power Rankings1-215-314.7516112111
Week 5 NFL Power Rankings2-214+113.251614176
Week 6 NFL Power Rankings3-29+5101410115
Week 7 NFL Power Rankings4-26+36.258665
Week 8 NFL Power Rankings5-25+15.255655
Week 9 NFL Power Rankings5-25055555
Week 10 NFL Power Rankings6-25055555
Week 11 NFL Power Rankings7-24+14.254445
Week 12 NFL Power Rankings7-36-26.57676
Week 13 NFL Power Rankings8-35+15.255565
Week 14 NFL Power Rankings9-36-165595
Week 15 NFL Power Rankings10-35+15.254584
Week 16 NFL Power Rankings11-32+322222
Week 17 NFL Power Rankings11-44-244624
Final NFL Power Rankings12-45-15.755774

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