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Seattle Seahawks

2018 NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks

Below you will find a table of Seattle Seahawks results in our consensus NFL Power Rankings.

Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings0-020-2016181927
Week 1 NFL Power Rankings0-026-62417272527
Week 2 NFL Power Rankings0-126024.2517282626
Week 3 NFL Power Rankings0-227-127.2524292729
Week 4 NFL Power Rankings1-224+322.7521232225
Week 5 NFL Power Rankings2-222+220.522211821
Week 6 NFL Power Rankings2-32202220212225
Week 7 NFL Power Rankings3-318+417.7517181917
Week 8 NFL Power Rankings3-317+11716171916
Week 9 NFL Power Rankings4-316+11515151416
Week 10 NFL Power Rankings4-417-117.2517171817
Week 11 NFL Power Rankings4-514+316.515152115
Week 12 NFL Power Rankings5-511+312.2511121313
Week 13 NFL Power Rankings6-510+11110101212
Week 14 NFL Power Rankings7-5100999711
Week 15 NFL Power Rankings8-59+18.259879
Week 16 NFL Power Rankings8-611-211.2511111112
Week 17 NFL Power Rankings9-610+19.599119
Final NFL Power Rankings10-61009.5910109

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