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Franchise All-Time Rushing Leaders: Atlanta Falcons

The table below shows the all-time rushing leaders in Atlanta Falcons franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Falcons.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2020 NFL season.]

1Gerald Riggs911587663148
2Michael Turner751411608160
3William Andrews871315598630
4Warrick Dunn901413598130
5Jamal Anderson 881329533634
6Devonta Freeman 77951397232
7Michael Vick74529385921
8Dave Hampton 52882348217
9Haskel Stanback83728266225
10Tevin Coleman56528234018
11Lynn Cain82604226319
12Cannonball Butler5360922507
13Craig Heyward47491218316
14T.J. Duckett55552217531
15Art Malone 64532211818
16Jerious Norwood5737519957
17Erric Pegram6151719815
18John Settle46439180110
19Junior Coffey3442816129
20Bubba Bean4040515286
21Steve Broussard50348147210
22Jason Snelling 9636314208
23Matt Ryan205447138711
24Harmon Wages6033213215
25Steven Jackson27347125012
26Jacquizz Rodgers 6330511165
27Mike Rozier2424910363
28Brian Hill391989453
29Woody Thompson352428771
30Maurice Smith282568295
31Keith Jones502157916
32Byron Hanspard281897181
33David Archer381306912
34Ito Smith351756896
35Todd Gurley151956789
36Bob Christian9313762512
37Eddie Ray321506079
38Chris Miller691286072
39Ken Oxendine211595021
40Ernie Wheelwright171425014
41Chris Chandler681414803
42Paul Gipson231144801
43Randy Johnson46884597
44Mike Esposito401014392
45Cliff Austin44863971
46Gene Lang341093911
47Bob Berry 541023844
48Justin Griffith60813781
49Terron Ward32903751
50James Mayberry 48813471
51Perry Lee Dunn421213343
52Tony Smith33873292
53Sonny Collins11913190
54Antone Smith59292864
55Monroe Eley13982761
56Charlie Bryant16592750
57Willie Belton28662571
58Sylvester Stamps37372410
59Steve Bartkowski12317223611
60Joe Washington16522101
61Ricky Patton20712071
62Joe Profit15611973
63Sonny Campbell25571952
64Jim Mitchell 155261871
65Bob Lee 21481661
66Ray Strong61451633
67Ron Rector14281590
68Mike Moroski49291581
69Bobby Hebert40531501
70Scott Campbell21311472
71Billy Harris 6531440
72Eric Metcalf32311411
73Bo Robinson36311410
74Tracy Johnson32381323
75Pat Chaffey14291271
76Rodney Thomas12371260
77Julio Jones 135191180
78Harold Green22561151
79Matt Schaub52331140
80Scott Hunter15421112
81Floyd Dixon84231100
82Billy Johnson63321080
83Tom Moore10531040
84Taylor Gabriel29121001
85James Primus2135951
86Jeff George3562930
87Eric Dickerson426910
88Rick Badanjek829871
89Brendan McCarthy731861
90Kenny Flowers1627851
91Billy Pritchett1517811
92Billy Joe Tolliver2927770
93Harry Douglas9117711
94Vince Kendrick1417710
95Ovie Mughelli6930701
96Secdrick McIntyre613650
97Wade Wilson915620
98Mohamed Sanu5314620
99Calvin Ridley4413620
100Doug Johnson 2330602
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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