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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: Chicago Bears

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in Chicago Bears franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Bears.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Jay Cutler1022020327123443154109
2Sid Luckman128904174414686137132
3Jim Harbaugh8910231759115675056
4Jim McMahon668741513112036756
5Mitchell Trubisky5110101577106096437
6Erik Kramer499131557105826345
7Billy Wade59767140799586866
8Ed Brown98607124696986388
9Bob Avellini73560111071113369
10Johnny Lujack4540480862954154
11Rudy Bukich5947487862544645
12Mike Tomczak7745491562473347
13Vince Evans5646495361723153
14Rex Grossman3652196261643335
15George Blanda11544598859364870
16Jim Miller3256596558673426
17Kyle Orton3350591353193027
18Jack Concannon5148695152223152
19Bobby Douglass6137689549323051
20Zeke Bratkowski5926353736392458
21Shane Matthews2036659934611918
22Bernie Masterson7215640933663438
23Gary Huff4331061432711234
24Cade McNown2528151531111619
25Mike Phipps3125348228061527
26Dave Krieg1322637722781412
27Josh McCown111842792243155
28Nick Foles102263472102118
29Steve Walsh132083432078108
30Chris Chandler172103532073711
31Brian Griese1317929420231114
32Justin Fields121592701870710
33Steve Fuller38140249182369
34Matt Barkley71292161611814
35Steve Romanik24932371572722
36Andy Dalton8149236151589
37Keith Molesworth818622614861819
38Brian Hoyer6134200144560
39Kordell Stewart91262511418712
40Steve Stenstrom11123214135948
41Peter Tom Willis211041831261615
42Gene Ronzani787319212011521
43Virgil Carter18941981189710
44Bob Williams29741609811012
45Charlie O'Rourke1137889511116
46Chase Daniel89814095064
47Chad Hutchinson59216190343
48Mike Glennon49314083345
49Kent Nix951138760610
50Bob Snyder40308874949
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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