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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: Indianapolis Colts

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in Indianapolis Colts franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Colts.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Peyton Manning2084682721054828399198
2Johnny Unitas2062796511039768287246
3Andrew Luck86200032902367117183
4Bert Jones98138224641766312297
5Jack Trudeau61812153696474162
6Jeff George52874153295514146
7Jim Harbaugh53746123087054926
8Mike Pagel51587115474743947
9Jacoby Brissett4655292860593113
10Earl Morrall5136367656664740
11Philip Rivers1636954341692411
12Carson Wentz173225163563277
13Marty Domres5129357634712131
14Greg Landry4330853334021719
15Gary Hogeboom2026044332952218
16George Shaw3621041028202131
17Chris Chandler1816831321561015
18Matt Hasselbeck151933122121116
19Paul Justin19177303209777
20Bill Troup4116231619991023
21Gary Kerkorian2013424817831115
22Curtis Painter111402711624611
23Gary Cuozzo281052081391139
24Fred Enke11881971225818
25Dan Orlovsky8122193120164
26Don Majkowski1297176111568
27Art Schlichter13912021006311
28Jim Sorgi169915692961
29Mark Herrmann1174136928213
30Craig Erickson6508358634
31Kerry Collins3489848121
32Kelly Holcomb5457345418
33Blair Kiel7285843133
34Brian Hoyer4356537244
35Scott Tolzien4325534414
36Cotton Davidson24286630906
37Lamar McHan18133630646
38Matt Kofler5234828413
39Tom Ramsey7245028011
40Tom Matte142124224622
41Jack Del Bello5276122915
42David Humm3204722003
43George Taliaferro22155721126
44Mike Kirkland16194121118
45Jim Ward11122516122
46Tom Tupa3173315612
47Charlie Whitehurst4163215001
48Josh Freeman1152814911
49Ed Mioduszewski12113011322
50Ricky Turner4349200
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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