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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: Las Vegas Raiders

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in Las Vegas Raiders franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Raiders.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Derek Carr127289644563170019385
2Ken Stabler1301486248119078150143
3Rich Gannon74153324481758511450
4Daryle Lamonica951138224816655148115
5Jim Plunkett709601707126658081
6Marc Wilson968711666117607786
7Tom Flores848101640116359283
8Jeff Hostetler559131562111226949
9Jay Schroeder646981394102766662
10Kerry Collins29591107872544132
11Carson Palmer2554489367713530
12Cotton Davidson5841297765324163
13Jeff George2438369051033314
14JaMarcus Russell3135468040831823
15Jason Campbell1929449435571912
16Steve Beuerlein2021345533202116
17Vince Evans4424043733132121
18Bruce Gradkowski1316530720661110
19Terrelle Pryor151703021953912
20Andrew Walter151743331919316
21Matt McGloin1316127718681111
22George Blanda12611923518352318
23Donald Hollas1213526017541016
24Todd Marinovich8104205134589
25Daunte Culpepper7108186133155
26Rick Mirer9116221126735
27Billy Joe Hobert121011841207109
28Josh McCown911119011511011
29Aaron Brooks8110192110538
30Rusty Hilger1178157102647
31Babe Parilli14871871003511
32Dick Wood1469157100386
33Dan Pastorini56613093258
34Charlie Frye3538758114
35Mike Rae17509557975
36Wade Wilson5528856874
37Marques Tuiasosopo13499055427
38David Humm76397649434
39Chon Gallegos6183529823
40Marcus Allen145102426741
41EJ Manuel2244326511
42Matt Flynn2223424611
43Marcus Mariota11183023011
44Hunter Enis7264921711
45Kyle Boller7173218604
46Nick Papac14134417327
47Wayne Crow2861016500
48Don Heinrich1102915612
49Connor Cook1142115011
50Clem Daniels874913301
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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