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Franchise All-Time Receiving Leaders: Los Angeles Rams

The table below shows the all-time receiving leaders in Los Angeles Rams franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Rams.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2020 NFL season.]

1Isaac Bruce1979421410984
2Torry Holt1588691266074
3Henry Ellard158593976148
4Elroy Hirsch103343629953
5Jack Snow150340601245
6Tom Fears87400539738
7Flipper Anderson 106259524626
8Red Phillips82333495327
9Jim Benton82275456642
10Marshall Faulk99470407127
11Robert Woods59322407019
12Bob Boyd79176361128
13Harold Jackson72200359136
14Cooper Kupp54288357024
15Steven Jackson13140733248
16Preston Dennard 80189306621
17Carroll Dale65149266317
18Ricky Proehl75207259016
19Kenny Britt47152243111
20Ron Jessie53144238615
21Billy Truax94180217716
22Del Shofner 47110215516
23Lance Kendricks93204213217
24Todd Gurley73218209012
25Brandon Gibson 5417420909
26Az-Zahir Hakim56148203216
27Les Josephson 129194197011
28Billy Waddy71120196310
29Tyler Higbee78173192712
30Jon Arnett 8117519118
31Dick Bass11220418417
32Ron Brown8498179113
33Brandin Cooks3012217877
34Jared Cook4814217868
35Tommy McDonald27122175011
36Willie Miller57105172915
37Danny Amendola4219617267
38Kevin Curtis51136171412
39Tavon Austin75194168912
40Lawrence McCutcheon89184168312
41Leon Clarke43106168012
42Aaron Cox719816738
43Pete Holohan4815916257
44Bob Klein102128160615
45Robert Delpino7215215749
46Ernie Conwell84146157410
47Eddie Kennison4896156210
48Marlin McKeever9511915536
49Amp Lee 3712815146
50Brian Quick67105149910
51Josh Reynolds6411314509
52Bernie Casey2682143613
53Mike Guman10615014334
54Chris Givens488814334
55Gerald Everett6112713898
56Drew Hill7360134710
57Lance Rentzel428312957
58Red Hickey4875128816
59Donnie Avery3110012638
60Dane Looker9111212245
61Shaun McDonald5610612154
62David Hill7611311585
63Cullen Bryant13414211483
64Wendell Tyler60120114710
65Skeets Quinlan437111186
66Terry Nelson878711136
67Troy Drayton51108106414
68Jessie Hester287510436
69Larry Smith6512610394
70Austin Pettis4710710349
71Vitamin Smith5959102512
72Damone Johnson 82132101518
73Jim Bertelsen688810142
74Buford McGee67127100811
75Dick Hoerner527010084
76Wendell Tucker435798311
77Tank Younger100849791
78George Farmer38649757
79Bucky Pope303495213
80John Cappelletti691059473
81Eric Dickerson651239122
82Todd Kinchen49679088
83Randy McMichael36849004
84Mike Barber41818944
85Cleveland Gary661338555
86Stedman Bailey38598432
87Steve Pritko42658379
88Ollie Matson51658144
89Johnny Bailey26967810
90Tony Hunter23657684
91Jim Price40737634
92Willie Ellison83907606
93Benny Cunningham57937521
94Daniel Fells42697455
95Danario Alexander18467373
96Brandon Lloyd11516835
97Glenn Davis23506825
98Vic Spadaccini30626693
99Dante Magnani51566698
100Dan Towler67626651
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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