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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: Philadelphia Eagles

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in Philadelphia Eagles franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Eagles.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Donovan McNabb1482801474632873216100
2Ron Jaworski1422088391826963175151
3Randall Cunningham1221874336222877150105
4Carson Wentz68156224921681111350
5Norm Snead851154223615672111124
6Tommy Thompson8872313961024090100
7Michael Vick54773130099845733
8Sonny Jurgensen83602110796397673
9Nick Foles40748118987035823
10Bobby Thomason68556111381245780
11Norm Van Brocklin3654299874975551
12Roman Gabriel53661118572214737
13Adrian Burk7045796062035577
14Rodney Peete3043475649451727
15Ty Detmer2137264544782219
16King Hill7132563543082951
17Jalen Hurts3034258042052213
18Sam Bradford1434653237251914
19Roy Zimmerman4119043532193043
20Mark Sanchez1325740030341815
21Pete Liske2821440729301422
22Mike Boryla2227051428232029
23Davey O'Brien2222347826141134
24Jim McMahon2121536325811313
25Bobby Hoying1624244925341115
26Bubby Brister172323852412166
27A.J. Feeley1218130921771614
28Kevin Kolb1919431920821114
29Koy Detmer10418435419441014
30John Reaves161182631609715
31Joe Pisarcik29136248157365
32Dave Smukler3611230813571532
33Jeff Garcia91161881309102
34Doug Pederson16119227127679
35Mike McMahon994207115858
36Bill Mackrides397720610771320
37Rick Arrington179720495039
38Vince Young66611486649
39Allie Sherman5166135823910
40Ken O'Brien57113770843
41Emmett Mortell3042169655915
42Jack Concannon184510363748
43Scott Tinsley3488663734
44Foster Watkins20349562723
45Ed Matesic2235124562418
46Jeff Kemp75711454655
47Matt Cavanaugh27387953146
48Ed Storm212374469316
49Gardner Minshew II4416043941
50Red Kirkman203097393415
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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