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Franchise All-Time Rushing Leaders: Pittsburgh Steelers

The table below shows the all-time rushing leaders in Pittsburgh Steelers franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Steelers.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2020 NFL season.]

1Franco Harris16528811195091
2Jerome Bettis14526831057178
3Willie Parker791253537824
4Le'Veon Bell621229533635
5John Henry Johnson671006438126
6Frank Pollard111953398920
7Dick Hoak1351132396525
8Barry Foster 62915394326
9Rocky Bleier140928386523
10Rashard Mendenhall57864354929
11Walter Abercrombie79842334322
12Fran Rogel96900327117
13Merril Hoge109819311521
14John Fuqua87699294221
15Tom Tracy60737271715
16Kordell Stewart113496256135
17James Conner50532230222
18Terry Bradshaw168444225732
19Preston Pearson6257322438
20Lynn Chandnois73593193416
21Earnest Jackson3747019219
22Amos Zereoue6643416987
23Sidney Thornton 74356151218
24Bill Dudley26365150410
25Joe Geri36411150010
26Bam Morris 28346139516
27Ben Roethlisberger233495136819
28Tim Worley3333613385
29Erric Pegram2731013226
30DeAngelo Williams25298125015
31Warren Williams6625111918
32Earl Gros3833911748
33Isaac Redman5028211485
34Ray Mathews10830010575
35Richard Huntley4519410249
36Johnny Clement262399917
37Leroy Thompson432609804
38Duce Staley162309782
39Warren Heller362759721
40Jonathan Dwyer362309712
41Mewelde Moore592309625
42Jerry Nuzum452499307
43Willie Asbury3325386811
44Dick Riffle212248555
45Bull Karcis212328165
46Benny Snell Jr.292197946
47Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala531727516
48Verron Haynes611747383
49Clarence Peaks221657332
50George Papach221597312
51Najeh Davenport 321697256
52Bob Cifers221997171
53Warren Bankston391656753
54Rich Erenberg461746423
55Reggie Harrison441396318
56Steve Davis 391585975
57Whizzer White111525674
58Dwight Stone124965571
59Cliff Stoudt301005534
60Billy Wells101545320
61Greg Hawthorne591365227
62Cannonball Butler391825152
63Theron Sapp351145001
64Steve Lach2316248313
65Boyd Brumbaugh241864754
66Russell Davis 421044742
67Joe Womack111284685
68Jaylen Samuels421314591
69Mark Malone 6012145914
70Stu Smith211464520
71Don Shy271344475
72Tony Compagno341254443
73Hines Ward 217574281
74John Williams26974271
75Louis Lipps108293884
76Bobby Layne551123828
77Fred McAfee64933812
78Mike Lind201143791
79Bill Davidson281553721
80Sid Watson351533504
81Angelo Brovelli13973483
82Merl Condit19983461
83Tank Younger12883443
84Ray Evans9993432
85Bubby Brister611243417
86Bob Gage22853346
87Swede Johnston181003332
88Lou Tomasetti211173322
89Larry Krutko25963314
90Chuck Ortmann12593270
91Neil O'Donnell661263233
92Antwaan Randle El 80553180
93Jerry Shipkey5910931016
94Art Jones18783034
95Jim Finks7911829412
96Buss Warren8952922
97Art Strutt191302911
98Joe Hoague21982802
99James Clark191072760
100Harp Vaughan19842701
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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