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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: San Francisco 49ers

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in San Francisco 49ers franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the 49ers.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Joe Montana1672929460035124244123
2John Brodie2012469449131548214224
3Steve Young150240036482990722186
4Jeff Garcia74144923601640811356
5Y.A. Tittle1131226219416016108134
6Alex Smith8012902177142808163
7Colin Kaepernick6910111692122717230
8Jimmy Garoppolo468971324111626638
9Frankie Albert9083115641079511598
10Steve DeBerg39670120172203760
11Steve Spurrier9244184052503348
12Nick Mullens1938760047142522
13Tim Rattay3235658639412418
14Shaun Hill1832252234902311
15C.J. Beathard1929149734691813
16Jim Plunkett2625449132852230
17Elvis Grbac4228443030981816
18Blaine Gabbert1527244929941613
19Steve Bono342203592558147
20Ken Dorsey111713161712811
21George Mira4711224017111714
22Norm Snead1213823717051111
23J.T. O'Sullivan91282201678811
24Tom Owen1411223516451117
25Jeff Kemp101192001554118
26Brian Hoyer6119205124544
27Lamar McHan11831951243811
28Troy Smith673145117654
29Trent Dilfer71132191166712
30Scott Bull3676193992317
31Joe Reed2180188905413
32Matt Cavanaugh296111578351
33Bob Waters305912470738
34Billy Kilmer39407765329
35Earl Morrall12387862116
36Trey Lance6417160352
37Steve Stenstrom65410053604
38Mike Moroski15427349323
39Jesse Freitas20357744979
40Jim Powers46317036714
41Jeff Brohm8375835311
42Ty Detmer16243831243
43Guy Benjamin10233929221
44Bev Wallace23226125719
45Jim Druckenmiller6215223914
46Bob Gagliano3162922911
47Dennis Morrison3215122715
48Cody Pickett6184519504
49John David Crow5661316812
50Rick Mirer1102012610
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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