NFL Futures - Super Bowl 59 Odds

With Super Bowl LVIII in the books, it's time to start looking ahead to Super Bowl LIX in 2025.

The table below shows current Super Bowl odds, but we will track how Super Bowl odds change throughout the course of the year leading up to Super Bowl 59.

2025 Super Bowl odds are via Fanduel Sportsbook and the difference is a change in odds since previous update (2/12).

A negative number is good — in other words, the odds went down and they are less of an underdog (compared to their 2/12 odds). If the number is positive, the odds went up and they are more of an underdog.

1San Francisco 49ers50550500500
2Kansas City Chiefs-50600650650
3Baltimore Ravens50950900900
4Buffalo Bills100130012001200
4Detroit Lions0130013001200
4Cincinnati Bengals-200130015001500
7Philadelphia Eagles-200140016001700
8Dallas Cowboys200150013001500
9Houston Texans-400160020002500
10Green Bay Packers-300190022002500
11Miami Dolphins0230023002000
12Atlanta Falcons-600240030005000
13New York Jets-100270028003000
14Los Angeles Rams0320032003000
15Chicago Bears0400040004000
15Cleveland Browns0400040005000
17Jacksonville Jaguars500450040003000
18Los Angeles Chargers1000500040003000
18Pittsburgh Steelers-10005000600010000
20Indianapolis Colts500550050005000
20Tampa Bay Buccaneers0550055007500
22Seattle Seahawks0750075007500
23Las Vegas Raiders0800080007500
23Minnesota Vikings-500800085004000
23New Orleans Saints-500800085007500
26Arizona Cardinals010000100007500
26New York Giants0100001000015000
28Tennessee Titans0130001300015000
29Denver Broncos0150001500010000
29Washington Commanders0150001500015000
31New England Patriots1000180001700015000
32Carolina Panthers0300003000025000