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Our FREE NFL picks versus the spread are purely for entertainment purposes only.  But, let's face it, being right (winning) is more fun than being wrong (losing).
Every week, the three (now) five (for 2012) "handicappers" at The Weekly Blitz will pick their three best NFL games against the spread (ATS).

Final 2011 results: Combined record of 84-56-13 (60.0 percent) ATS.

We have a cumulative record this year of 130-121-4 (51.8 percent) ATS.
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  Picks are for entertainment purposes only.
    Lines used for each handicapper are the lines at the time of their pick.
            Links to their picks are under the name (as well as below in the grid).
Spreads are as of Sunday, December 30th at 9:46 a.m. ET
Date/Time (ET)
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Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
            BUF -3.5
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
      IND +7
IND +7
  IND +7
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
    PHI +7
    NYG -7
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
      CHI -3
DET +3
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
          CAR +5
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 1:00 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
    KC +16.5
KC +16.5
    KC +16.5
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
Sun, Dec 30 at 4:25 PM
          STL +11
Sun, Dec 30 at 8:30 PM
    DAL +3
  DAL +3
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2011 Record: 33-14-4 (70.2%)
2012 Record: 22-28-1 (44.0%)
  Eagles at Giants (-7)
  Chiefs at Broncos (-16.5)
  Cowboys at Redskins (-3)
  Eagles +7
  Chiefs +16.5
  Cowboys +3
  After Week 14 when the Giants, Redskins and
Cowboys were in a three-way tie atop the
division, we responded to a question in our
consensus power rankings about which team
would win the NFC East. The majority of the
rankers picked the Giants.

I did not.

Instead, I made what I described as a "bold
prediction" that
the Giants would lose out and
that the Cowboys would win the division. The
Giants have lost their past two games badly
and it certainly would not be a huge surprise
to see the Eagles rally behind their coach in
what is expected to be his final game
coaching the franchise.

Even if they don't win outright, I expect the
Eagles to keep it close.
  The Broncos can secure a first-round bye
with a win over the Chiefs this weekend. If
the Texans also lose to the Colts, the
Broncos would secure home-field advantage
throughout the playoffs.

While it's highly unlikely that the Chiefs
end the Broncos' 10-game winning streak,
they did hold the Broncos to their lowest
offensive output all season (17 points).

Last week, the duo of Jamaal Charles and
Peyton Hillis rushed for a combined 327
yards against the Colts. Even though it
would illogical to expect a duplicate
performance from that duo this week, I do
expect the Chiefs to give them both heavy
workloads to try to control the clock as
much as possible and keep the ball out of
Peyton Manning's hands.
  The Cowboys have historically struggled in
Week 17 as their league-worst 2-10 record
since 2000 indicates.

Since Week 8, however, Tony Romo has
been playing as well as any other
quarterback in the league. No quarterback
has more yards (3,049) during that span
and Romo has thrown 18 touchdowns to
only seven interceptions. In fact, he has
more 400-yard games (three) than games
with less than 300 yards (two) during that

Meanwhile, Dez Bryant has turned into the
league's most dangerous receiver not
named Calvin. He has scored in seven
consecutive games and he scored two of his
10 touchdowns during that span in their first

Although they lost to the Redskins on
Thanksgiving, the Cowboys have DeMarco
Murray back to give them more of a
balanced offensive attack.

As I predicted a few weeks ago, the
Cowboys will win NFC East.

2011 Record: 24-21-6 (53.3%)
2012 Record: 28-23 (54.9%)
  Texans (-7) at Colts
  Chiefs at Broncos (-16.5)
  Bears (-3) at Lions
  Colts +7
  Chiefs +16.5
  Bears -3
  The typical rule of Week 17 is always take the
points, and even though Indy doesn't have a
lot to play for in the way of playoff seeding,
they will try to win this game. The Texans
have been on a bit of a slide as of late losing
two of their last three, and now home-field
advantage throughout the playoffs is in

The Texans will also be attempting a first, as
they have never won when visiting the Colts
and the Colts are 5-0 at home against the
spread as well.

The Colts will also have a major lift, as Chuck
Pagano returns to the sideline, and we all saw
what #chuckstrong did to the Packers this
year. I like Andrew Luck going against a
Texans pass defense that gives up 229 yards
per game and 27 touchdowns.

I will take the seven for the Colts at home, as
this divisional game will be close.
  The Denver Broncos have a shot to have
home-field advantage throughout the
playoffs, and still maintain the inside track
on the No. 2 seed with a win in this game.

Yes, it is pretty certain that the Broncos will
win this game, but questions do linger of
how long the starters will play, and how
exotic will the Broncos be with their game

The Chiefs have actually had a sneaky
decent pass defense this year, as they are
ranked 9th overall only allowing 219 yards
per game. The Chiefs were also able to
limit Peyton Manning to only 17 points in
late-November right in the midst of this
Denver Broncos winning streak.

Although the Chiefs will not win this game, I
think the line of 16 points is just too high,
and another prime example of take the
points in week 17.
  This is the one game that goes against the
take-the-points logic in Week 17, as you
always back the team that needs a win to
qualify for the playoffs against a team with
pride on the line.

The Bears have faded big time down the
stretch, but they can still make the
postseason with a win and a little bit of
help. The Bears match up well against what
the Lions do best, and that is throw the
football, as the Bears are ranked No. 6 in
the league, and they only allow 211 yards
per game. The Bears did well against Matt
Stafford earlier in the year, as they held
him to only 243 yards per game in a losing

I like Calvin Johnson to break the
2,000-yard mark this game, but that will be
the only accomplishment the Lions can take
away from the season. I will give the three
points here to a team that needs to win to
help qualify for the playoffs.
2011 Record: 27-21-3 (56.3%)
2012 Record: 31-20 (60.8%)
  Cowboys at Redskins (-3)
  Texans (-7) at Colts
  Bears (-3) at Lions
  Cowboys +3
  Colts +7
  Lions +3
  Sean is under the weather and unable to forward commentary for picks this weekend.

2011 Record: N/A
2012 Record: 20-28-3 (41.7%)
  Panthers at Saints (-5)
  Eagles at Giants (-7)
  Rams at Seahawks (-11)
  Panthers +5
  Giants -7
  Rams +11
  The Panthers have won three in a row, and
have been competitive, if not winning, for the
bulk of many of their losses this season.

They have a point differential of only -12
even though they are 6-9 on the year,
compared to other sub-.500 teams like the
Titans, Raiders, and Jets, who are -159, -150,
and -175, respectively. The Panthers are
more talented than their record indicates, and
I think that they will finish strong.

The Saints will be looking to even their record
at 8-8, and may pull out the win, but I'll take
Carolina with the points.
  The Giants have been an utter
disappointment this year finishing the
season. They got completely trashed by
both the Falcons and the Ravens in
consecutive weeks, and only needed to get
one of those games to put themselves in a
good position to make the playoffs.

I still expect that they will be left out this
year, and deservedly so after the way
they've finished, but I do think that they
will take care of business against Philly.
The Eagles are just a flawed team with tons
of injuries.

I thought they might keep it closer against
Washington last week in a division rivalry,
but they weren't really able to. At this point,
it looks as if they are just going through
the motions and trying to put an end to this
miserable year.
  Call me crazy for betting against a team
that seems to put up 40-50 points every
week, coming off three huge wins, with one
of those being against the division-leader

Seattle has been one of the best teams in
the league of late, and seem to be one of
the top two or three most complete teams.
Russell Wilson might just deserve rookie of
the year, even with the amazing rookie
class that we've witnessed this year.

Still, the Rams are no slouch.

They have a very good defense that can
keep the game close, even if Seattle's
defense shuts their offense down. The
Seahawks can't hang 40 per game forever,
and I think it's going to end on Sunday.

I still like Seattle to win outright, and finish
a perfect 8-0 at home, but I like the Rams
to cover 11.
2011 Record: N/A
2012 Record: 29-22 (56.9%)
  Texans (-7) at Colts
  Jets at Bills (-3.5)
  Chiefs at Broncos (-16.5)
  Colts +7
  Bills -3.5
  Chiefs +16.5
  Steve was traveling this week and unable to forward any commentary for weeks this week.