Rose Bowl Results

The Rose Bowl is played at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, CA. This year's winner will advance to the CFP National Championship.

Jan. 1, 2024Michigan Wolverines vs. Alabama Crimson TideTickets
Jan. 2, 2023Penn State Nittany LionsUtah Utes35-21
Jan. 1, 2022Ohio State BuckeyesUtah Utes48-45
Jan. 1, 2021Alabama Crimson TideNotre Dame Fighting Irish31-14
Jan. 1, 2020Oregon DucksWisconsin Badgers28-27
Jan. 1, 2019Ohio State BuckeyesWashington Huskies28-23
Jan. 1, 2018Georgia BulldogsOklahoma Sooners54-48
Jan. 2, 2017USC TrojansPenn State Nittany Lions52-49
Jan. 1, 2016Stanford CardinalIowa Hawkeyes45-16
Jan. 1, 2015Oregon DucksFlorida State Seminoles59-20
Jan. 1, 2014Michigan State SpartansStanford Cardinal24-20
Jan. 1, 2013Stanford CardinalWisconsin Badgers20-14
Jan. 2, 2012Oregon DucksWisconsin Badgers45-38
Jan. 1, 2011TCU Horned FrogsWisconsin Badgers21-19
Jan. 1, 2010Ohio State BuckeyesOregon Ducks26-17
Jan. 1, 2009USC TrojansPenn State Nittany Lions38-24
Jan. 1, 2008USC TrojansIllinois Fighting Illini49-17
Jan. 1, 2007USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines32-18
Jan. 4, 2006Texas LonghornsUSC Trojans41-38
Jan. 1, 2005Texas LonghornsMichigan Wolverines38-37
Jan. 1, 2004USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines28-14
Jan. 1, 2003Oklahoma SoonersWashington State Cougars34-14
Jan. 3, 2002Miami HurricanesNebraska Cornhuskers37-14
Jan. 1, 2001Washington HuskiesPurdue Boilermakers34-24
Jan. 1, 2000Wisconsin BadgersStanford Cardinal17-9
Jan. 1, 1999Wisconsin BadgersUCLA Bruins38-31
Jan. 1, 1998Michigan WolverinesWashington State Cougars21-16
Jan. 1, 1997Ohio State BuckeyesArizona State Sun Devils20-17
Jan. 1, 1996USC TrojansNorthwestern Wildcats41-32
Jan. 2, 1995Penn State Nittany LionsOregon Ducks38-20
Jan. 1, 1994Wisconsin BadgersUCLA Bruins21-16
Jan. 1, 1993Michigan WolverinesWashington Huskies38-31
Jan. 1, 1992Washington HuskiesMichigan Wolverines34-14
Jan. 1, 1991Washington HuskiesIowa Hawkeyes46-34
Jan. 1, 1990USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines17-10
Jan. 2, 1989Michigan WolverinesUSC Trojans22-14
Jan. 1, 1988Michigan State SpartansUSC Trojans20-17
Jan. 1, 1987Arizona State Sun DevilsMichigan Wolverines22-15
Jan. 1, 1986UCLA BruinsIowa Hawkeyes45-28
Jan. 1, 1985USC TrojansOhio State Buckeyes20-17
Jan. 2, 1984UCLA BruinsIllinois Fighting Illini45-9
Jan. 1, 1983UCLA BruinsMichigan Wolverines24-14
Jan. 1, 1982Washington HuskiesIowa Hawkeyes28-0
Jan. 1, 1981Michigan WolverinesWashington Huskies23-6
Jan. 1, 1980USC TrojansOhio State Buckeyes17-16
Jan. 1, 1979USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines17-10
Jan. 2, 1978Washington HuskiesMichigan Wolverines27-20
Jan. 1, 1977USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines14-6
Jan. 1, 1976UCLA BruinsOhio State Buckeyes23-10
Jan. 1, 1975USC TrojansOhio State Buckeyes18-17
Jan. 1, 1974Ohio State BuckeyesUSC Trojans42-21
Jan. 1, 1973USC TrojansOhio State Buckeyes42-17
Jan. 1, 1972Stanford CardinalMichigan Wolverines13-12
Jan. 1, 1971Stanford CardinalOhio State Buckeyes27-17
Jan. 1, 1970USC TrojansMichigan Wolverines10-3
Jan. 1, 1969Ohio State BuckeyesUSC Trojans27-16
Jan. 1, 1968USC TrojansIndiana Hoosiers14-3
Jan. 2, 1967Purdue BoilermakersUSC Trojans14-13
Jan. 1, 1966UCLA BruinsMichigan State Spartans14-12
Jan. 1, 1965Michigan WolverinesOregon State Beavers34-7
Jan. 1, 1964Illinois Fighting IlliniWashington Huskies17-7
Jan. 1, 1963USC TrojansWisconsin Badgers42-37
Jan. 1, 1962Minnesota Golden GophersUCLA Bruins21-3
Jan. 2, 1961Washington HuskiesMinnesota Golden Gophers17-7
Jan. 1, 1960Washington HuskiesWisconsin Badgers44-8
Jan. 1, 1959Iowa HawkeyesCalifornia Golden Bears38-12
Jan. 1, 1958Ohio State BuckeyesOregon Ducks10-7
Jan. 1, 1957Iowa HawkeyesOregon State Beavers35-19
Jan. 2, 1956Michigan State SpartansUCLA Bruins17-14
Jan. 1, 1955Ohio State BuckeyesUSC Trojans20-7
Jan. 1, 1954Michigan State SpartansUCLA Bruins28-20
Jan. 1, 1953USC TrojansWisconsin Badgers7-0
Jan. 1, 1952Illinois Fighting IlliniStanford Cardinal40-7
Jan. 1, 1951Michigan WolverinesCalifornia Golden Bears14-6
Jan. 2, 1950Ohio State BuckeyesCalifornia Golden Bears17-14
Jan. 1, 1949Northwestern WildcatsCalifornia Golden Bears20-14
Jan. 1, 1948Michigan WolverinesUSC Trojans49-0
Jan. 1, 1947Illinois Fighting IlliniUCLA Bruins45-14
Jan. 1, 1946Alabama Crimson TideUSC Trojans34-14
Jan. 1, 1945USC TrojansTennessee Volunteers25-0
Jan. 1, 1944USC TrojansWashington Huskies29-0
Jan. 1, 1943Georgia BulldogsUCLA Bruins9-0
Jan. 1, 1942Oregon State BeaversDuke Blue Devils20-16
Jan. 1, 1941Stanford CardinalNebraska Cornhuskers21-13
Jan. 1, 1940USC TrojansTennessee Volunteers14-0
Jan. 2, 1939USC TrojansDuke Blue Devils7-3
Jan. 1, 1938California Golden BearsAlabama Crimson Tide13-0
Jan. 1, 1937Pittsburgh PanthersWashington Huskies21-0
Jan. 1, 1936Stanford CardinalSMU Mustangs7-0
Jan. 1, 1935Alabama Crimson TideStanford Cardinal29-13
Jan. 1, 1934ColumbiaStanford Cardinal7-0
Jan. 2, 1933USC TrojansPittsburgh Panthers35-0
Jan. 1, 1932USC TrojansTulane Green Wave21-12
Jan. 1, 1931Alabama Crimson TideWashington State Cougars24-0
Jan. 1, 1930USC TrojansPittsburgh Panthers47-14
Jan. 1, 1929Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsCalifornia Golden Bears8-7
Jan. 2, 1928Stanford CardinalPittsburgh Panthers7-6
Jan. 1, 1927Stanford CardinalAlabama Crimson Tide7-7
Jan. 1, 1926Alabama Crimson TideWashington Huskies20-19
Jan. 1, 1925Notre Dame Fighting IrishStanford Cardinal27-10
Jan. 1, 1924Washington HuskiesNavy Midshipmen14-14
Jan. 1, 1923USC TrojansPenn State Nittany Lions14-3
Jan. 2, 1922California Golden BearsWashington & Jefferson0-0
Jan. 1, 1921California Golden BearsOhio State Buckeyes28-0
Jan. 1, 1920Harvard CrimsonOregon Ducks7-6
Jan. 1, 1919Great Lakes - US NavyMare Island17-0
Jan. 1, 1918Mare Island - USMCCamp Lewis - US Army19-7
Jan. 1, 1917Oregon DucksPennsylvania14-0
Jan. 1, 1916Washington State CougarsBrown14-0
Jan. 1, 1902Michigan WolverinesStanford Cardinal49-0

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