NFL History - Super Bowl Squares

- Updated: Sunday, February 4, 2018

With Nick Foles and the Eagles winning Super Bowl LII tonight, we are now a year away from Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. When the Super Bowl rolls around in 2019, you may participate in an Super Bowl Squares office pool.

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Of course, you won't have any idea what your numbers will be when you select your square(s). You won't find out until after all 100 squares have been filled.

For those unfamiliar with how the process works, the numbers are based on the final score for each team at the end of each quarter, half or the game. So, in other words, a score of 3, 13, 23, etc. would count as a "3" in terms of the pool.

When you find out your numbers, you will immediately have a sense of whether your numbers are good or bad. For example, you know that 7 and 3 is good. You know that 5 and 2 is not. Typically, anyways.

A few years ago, those were the exact numbers that I got (5 and 2).


Although I knew my odds were slim, I wasn't sure exactly how slim. I thought it would be an interesting (yes, I need to get a life) exercise to run through all of the past Super Bowl box scores to see which numbers have come up the most and least often.

With 52 Super Bowls in the books and four quarters per game, that means there have been 208 quarters and a total of 416 scores (208 quarters times two teams).

The most common number overall is 0 and especially so in the first quarter. Although its occurrence declines each quarter from the first to fourth, the number 0 has come up 110 times out of 416 possible outcomes (or 26.4 percent). In the first quarter, it has come up nearly half the time (50 of 104) but only 12.5 percent of the time in the fourth quarter (13 of 104).

The least common number overall is 5, which has occurred 10 times out of 416 (or 2.4 percent of the time).

Below is a full chart of the results:

[Results are updated through Super Bowl 52.]

Here's hoping that you get 0's and 7's.

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