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Detroit Pistons NBA Power Rankings

Every week of the NBA season, we post a consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of sources.

This page lists where the Detroit Pistons stand each week. To view the full rankings for a given week, click on the hyperlink for that week.

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WeekRankAvg.ESPNNBA.comThe Athletic
Week 12727272727
Week 22928.33292729
Week 32827.67292628
Week 42929292830
Week 52727.33282727
Week 62727272727
Week 72828272829
Week 83029.67303029
Week 93030303030
Week 103029.67303029
Week 113030303030
Week 123029.67303029
Week 132929292929
Week 142828.33292927
Week 152929292830
Week 163029292830
Week 173030303030
Week 183030303030
Week 192828.33282928
Week 202828282927

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