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Milwaukee Bucks NBA Power Rankings

Every week of the NBA season, we post a consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of sources.

This page lists where the Milwaukee Bucks stand each week. To view the full rankings for a given week, click on the hyperlink for that week.

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WeekRankAvg.ESPNNBA.comThe Athletic
Week 111.33211
Week 212141
Week 355.675102
Week 41010.338167
Week 5141314178
Week 688.339106
Week 744.33454
Week 834534
Week 944543
Week 1055.33565
Week 1155555
Week 1244543
Week 1376.67677
Week 1445564
Week 1543.67542
Week 1666684
Week 1745573
Week 1855.33583
Week 19676123
Week 20788124

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