Cotton Bowl Results

The Cotton Bowl is played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Dec. 29, 2023Tickets
Jan. 2, 2023Tulane Green WaveUSC Trojans46-45
Dec. 31, 2021Alabama Crimson TideCincinnati Bearcats27-6
Dec. 30, 2020Oklahoma SoonersFlorida Gators55-20
Dec. 28, 2019Penn State Nittany LionsMemphis Tigers53-39
Dec. 29, 2018Clemson TigersNotre Dame Fighting Irish30-3
Dec. 29, 2017Ohio State BuckeyesUSC Trojans24-7
Jan. 2, 2017Wisconsin BadgersWestern Michigan Broncos24-16
Dec. 31, 2015Alabama Crimson TideMichigan State Spartans38-0
Jan. 1, 2015Michigan State SpartansBaylor Bears42-41
Jan. 3, 2014Missouri TigersOklahoma State Cowboys41-31
Jan. 4, 2013Texas A&M AggiesOklahoma Sooners41-13
Jan. 6, 2012Arkansas RazorbacksKansas State Wildcats29-16
Jan. 7, 2011LSU TigersTexas A&M Aggies41-24
Jan. 2, 2010Ole Miss RebelsOklahoma State Cowboys21-7
Jan. 2, 2009Ole Miss RebelsTexas Tech Red Raiders47-34
Jan. 1, 2008Missouri TigersArkansas Razorbacks38-7
Jan. 1, 2007Auburn TigersNebraska Cornhuskers17-14
Jan. 2, 2006Alabama Crimson TideTexas Tech Red Raiders13-10
Jan. 1, 2005Tennessee VolunteersTexas A&M Aggies38-7
Jan. 2, 2004Ole Miss RebelsOklahoma State Cowboys31-28
Jan. 1, 2003Texas LonghornsLSU Tigers35-20
Jan. 1, 2002Oklahoma SoonersArkansas Razorbacks10-3
Jan. 1, 2001Kansas State WildcatsTennessee Volunteers35-21
Jan. 1, 2000Arkansas RazorbacksTexas Longhorns27-6
Jan. 1, 1999Texas LonghornsMississippi State Bulldogs38-11
Jan. 1, 1998UCLA BruinsTexas A&M Aggies29-23
Jan. 1, 1997BYU CougarsKansas State Wildcats19-15
Jan. 1, 1996Colorado BuffaloesOregon Ducks38-6
Jan. 2, 1995USC TrojansTexas Tech Red Raiders55-14
Jan. 1, 1994Notre Dame Fighting IrishTexas A&M Aggies24-21
Jan. 1, 1993Notre Dame Fighting IrishTexas A&M Aggies28-3
Jan. 1, 1992Florida State SeminolesTexas A&M Aggies10-2
Jan. 1, 1991Miami HurricanesTexas Longhorns46-3
Jan. 1, 1990Tennessee VolunteersArkansas Razorbacks31-27
Jan. 2, 1989UCLA BruinsArkansas Razorbacks17-3
Jan. 1, 1988Texas A&M AggiesNotre Dame Fighting Irish35-10
Jan. 1, 1987Ohio State BuckeyesTexas A&M Aggies28-12
Jan. 1, 1986Texas A&M AggiesAuburn Tigers36-16
Jan. 1, 1985Boston College EaglesHouston Cougars45-28
Jan. 2, 1984Georgia BulldogsTexas Longhorns10-9
Jan. 1, 1983SMU MustangsPittsburgh Panthers7-3
Jan. 1, 1982Texas LonghornsAlabama Crimson Tide14-12
Jan. 1, 1981Alabama Crimson TideBaylor Bears30-2
Jan. 1, 1980Houston CougarsNebraska Cornhuskers17-14
Jan. 1, 1979Notre Dame Fighting IrishHouston Cougars35-34
Jan. 2, 1978Notre Dame Fighting IrishTexas Longhorns38-10
Jan. 1, 1977Houston CougarsMaryland Terrapins30-21
Jan. 1, 1976Arkansas RazorbacksGeorgia Bulldogs31-10
Jan. 1, 1975Penn State Nittany LionsBaylor Bears41-20
Jan. 1, 1974Nebraska CornhuskersTexas Longhorns19-3
Jan. 1, 1973Texas LonghornsAlabama Crimson Tide17-13
Jan. 1, 1972Penn State Nittany LionsTexas Longhorns30-6
Jan. 1, 1971Notre Dame Fighting IrishTexas Longhorns24-11
Jan. 1, 1970Texas LonghornsNotre Dame Fighting Irish21-17
Jan. 1, 1969Texas LonghornsTennessee Volunteers36-13
Jan. 1, 1968Texas A&M AggiesAlabama Crimson Tide20-16
Dec. 31, 1966Georgia BulldogsSMU Mustangs24-9
Jan. 1, 1966LSU TigersArkansas Razorbacks14-7
Jan. 1, 1965Arkansas RazorbacksNebraska Cornhuskers10-7
Jan. 1, 1964Texas LonghornsNavy Midshipmen28-6
Jan. 1, 1963LSU TigersTexas Longhorns13-0
Jan. 1, 1962Texas LonghornsOle Miss Rebels12-7
Jan. 2, 1961Duke Blue DevilsArkansas Razorbacks7-6
Jan. 1, 1960Syracuse OrangeTexas Longhorns23-14
Jan. 1, 1959TCU Horned FrogsAir Force Falcons0-0
Jan. 1, 1958Navy MidshipmenRice Owls20-7
Jan. 1, 1957TCU Horned FrogsSyracuse Orange28-27
Jan. 2, 1956Ole Miss RebelsTCU Horned Frogs14-13
Jan. 1, 1955Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsArkansas Razorbacks14-6
Jan. 1, 1954Rice OwlsAlabama Crimson Tide28-6
Jan. 1, 1953Texas LonghornsTennessee Volunteers16-0
Jan. 1, 1952Kentucky WildcatsTCU Horned Frogs20-7
Jan. 1, 1951Tennessee VolunteersTexas Longhorns20-14
Jan. 2, 1950Rice OwlsNorth Carolina Tar Heels27-13
Jan. 1, 1949SMU MustangsOregon Ducks21-13
Jan. 1, 1948SMU MustangsPenn State Nittany Lions13-13
Jan. 1, 1947Arkansas RazorbacksLSU Tigers0-0
Jan. 1, 1946Texas LonghornsMissouri Tigers40-27
Jan. 1, 1945Oklahoma State CowboysTCU Horned Frogs34-0
Jan. 1, 1944Texas LonghornsRandolph Field7-7
Jan. 1, 1943Texas LonghornsGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets14-7
Jan. 1, 1942Alabama Crimson TideTexas A&M Aggies29-21
Jan. 1, 1941Texas A&M AggiesFordham13-12
Jan. 1, 1940Clemson TigersBoston College Eagles6-3
Jan. 1, 1939St. Mary's (CA)Texas Tech Red Raiders20-13
Jan. 1, 1938Rice OwlsColorado Buffaloes28-14
Jan. 1, 1937TCU Horned FrogsMarquette16-6

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