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Franchise All-Time Rushing Leaders: Los Angeles Rams

The table below shows the all-time rushing leaders in Los Angeles Rams franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Rams.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2020 NFL season.]

1Steven Jackson13123961013856
2Eric Dickerson651525724556
3Marshall Faulk991447695958
4Lawrence McCutcheon891435618623
5Dick Bass1121218541734
6Todd Gurley731265540458
7Dan Towler67672349343
8Les Josephson 129797340717
9Tank Younger100682329631
10Wendell Tyler60720326633
11Cullen Bryant134802311920
12Jerome Bettis47796309113
13Willie Ellison83656290120
14Jon Arnett 81688289219
15Cleveland Gary66667263424
16Jim Bertelsen68614246616
17Greg Bell34568237531
18John Cappelletti69632224615
19Charles White59504213314
20Tommy Wilson69389213013
21Dick Hoerner52450201028
22Larry Smith65473190811
23Joe Marconi71398176921
24Johnny Drake55525170024
25Fred Gehrke58318159113
26Ron Waller4228515648
27Skeets Quinlan4325615109
28Barry Redden6732514906
29Robert Delpino72371137010
30Mike Guman106342128611
31Zac Stacy2732612668
32Lawrence Phillips25376126512
33Tavon Austin7518412389
34Ollie Matson5124912149
35Malcolm Brown 70298118811
36Roman Gabriel130315114628
37Ben Wilson4132811367
38Parker Hall4231210526
39Elvis Peacock2421610017
40Tre Mason252549725
41Tommy Mason442488664
42Kenny Washington271408598
43Dante Magnani511768131
44Darrell Henderson281777715
45Benny Cunningham571717484
46Daryl Richardson 241676900
47Billy Wade6915968710
48Vitamin Smith592086697
49Robert Holcombe5821063610
50Cam Akers 131456252
51Jewerl Thomas391156252
52Glenn Davis231526164
53Pat Haden651246096
54Tony Banks441485544
55Jerald Moore311705495
56Tom Harmon 221075423
57Rod Phillips571165392
58Lamar Gordon231365262
59Harold Green161275234
60Jim Gillette21905223
61Jim Everett1071915104
62Jack Banta341165071
63Trung Canidate35984956
64Tony Baker2813847912
65Buford McGee671094733
66Gaylon Smith371714704
67Pat West 361054573
68Gaston Green311294510
69Robert Woods59624394
70Antonio Pittman231174350
71Bob Thomas20774333
72Tom Colella20994324
73Justin Watson331024284
74Kenneth Darby40933992
75Marty Slovak271413961
76Bob Hoffman3110738910
77Corby Davis391433824
78Jerry Williams46643826
79Don Greenwood91013764
80Tommy Kalmanir34653621
81Cadillac Williams11873611
82Rob Scribner49733613
83Gerry Cowhig31813423
84Arlen Harris461183395
85Dwayne Crutchfield15733371
86Frank Ryan40813262
87Elroy Hirsch103743171
88Jared Goff6916331410
89June Henley11883133
90Bob Snyder201263101
91Brian Leonard18883100
92Marc Bulger961183008
93Greg Robinson16722991
94C.J. Anderson2432992
95Bill Munson31512881
96Amp Lee 37752822
97Tom Moore141042721
98Tom McCormick26842681
99David Lang51482665
100James Harris39762628
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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