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Utah Jazz NBA Power Rankings

Every week of the NBA season, we post a consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of sources.

This page lists where the Utah Jazz stand each week. To view the full rankings for a given week, click on the hyperlink for that week.

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WeekRankAvg.ESPNNBA.comThe Athletic
Week 154.67545
Week 223216
Week 322123
Week 454.67554
Week 587.67896
Week 665.67575
Week 766.33676
Week 865.33655
Week 933.67335
Week 1033.67434
Week 1133.33433
Week 1222.67422
Week 1344453
Week 14986108
Week 1598.678117
Week 161213121611
Week 17101110149
Week 1889.339118
Week 19129.6710118
Week 2066.67785

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