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New York Giants

2018 NFL Power Rankings: New York Giants

Below you will find a table of New York Giants results in our consensus NFL Power Rankings.

Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings0-025-24.526253017
Week 1 NFL Power Rankings0-023+221.2523142820
Week 2 NFL Power Rankings0-121+221.7525152819
Week 3 NFL Power Rankings0-229-82830262927
Week 4 NFL Power Rankings1-226+326.528252429
Week 5 NFL Power Rankings1-325+125.528252425
Week 6 NFL Power Rankings1-429-428.528273029
Week 7 NFL Power Rankings1-529029.529273131
Week 8 NFL Power Rankings1-628+128.7528283128
Week 9 NFL Power Rankings1-730-229.529293228
Week 10 NFL Power Rankings3-530030.2529303230
Week 11 NFL Power Rankings2-728+228.2529272829
Week 12 NFL Power Rankings3-726+225.7526262526
Week 13 NFL Power Rankings3-825+125.7527262525
Week 14 NFL Power Rankings4-824+12426242422
Week 15 NFL Power Rankings5-821+320.7522201922
Week 16 NFL Power Rankings5-92102223251921
Week 17 NFL Power Rankings5-1018+320.7523221919
Final NFL Power Rankings5-1120-221.7523202519

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