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2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Updated: Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Throughout the 2021 NFL season, we will update our consensus NFL Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5, sorted by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (links at bottom of table).

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[Note: Positive number in Change column = week-over-week improvement in ranking. Negative number = week-over-week decline.]

1Arizona Cardinals4-01.2+4.821111
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-13-0.642333
3Buffalo Bills3-13.2+1.213246
4Los Angeles Rams3-14.8-3.839462
5Green Bay Packers3-15.2+0.4545210
6Cleveland Browns3-16.8-0.2610954
7Dallas Cowboys3-17+686885
8Los Angeles Chargers3-17.4+2.697678
9Baltimore Ravens3-17.8+0.27510107
10Kansas City Chiefs2-28.80118799
11Las Vegas Raiders3-110.8-4.61011111111
12Carolina Panthers3-113-1.21214151212
13Seattle Seahawks2-213.8+41312121418
14Cincinnati Bengals3-114.8+31615161314
14Denver Broncos3-114.8-2.21416131516
16San Francisco 49ers2-215.4-5.41513141619
17New Orleans Saints2-216.6-1.61719171713
18Tennessee Titans2-217.4-2.41818181815
19Minnesota Vikings1-319.8-1.62217202317
20New England Patriots1-320.2+0.62022191921
21Washington Football Team2-220.6+2.41923212020
22Indianapolis Colts1-322.2+3.42121242223
23Pittsburgh Steelers1-323.2-2.42420222822
24Chicago Bears2-223.8+3.22329222124
25Philadelphia Eagles1-325.4-1.82525252725
26Miami Dolphins1-326-4.42626262626
27New York Giants1-326.4+32824272528
28Atlanta Falcons1-326.6-0.42727282427
29New York Jets1-329+2.82928293029
30Houston Texans1-330.6-23032312931
30Detroit Lions0-430.6-2.43131303130
32Jacksonville Jaguars0-431.6-0.43230323232
Sources: NFL.com, ESPN, CBS Sports, USA Today, The Athletic

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