2023 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3 Rankings

Updated: September 19, 2023

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will update our consensus NFL Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 3, sorted by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (links at bottom of table).

Change is difference from last ranking: + number = improvement, - number = decline.

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1San Francisco 49ers2-01.5-0.311411112
2Dallas Cowboys2-02.251.524123231
3Philadelphia Eagles2-02.88033332324
4Kansas City Chiefs1-14.380.352644545
5Miami Dolphins2-04.51.245266463
6Baltimore Ravens2-06.132.167557676
7Buffalo Bills1-16.752.7761075757
8Jacksonville Jaguars1-110.38-2.99915101011118
9Detroit Lions1-110.63-3881318910811
10New Orleans Saints2-011.134.21010119813919
11Atlanta Falcons2-0126.911147121191616
12Seattle Seahawks1-113.385.2141516151681310
13Green Bay Packers1-114.63-1.9191881312151418
14Cleveland Browns1-115.13-5.81613191715141017
15Washington Commanders2-015.385.6121912823171715
16Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-015.635.31321141122121814
17Pittsburgh Steelers1-115.882.31517181613211512
18Cincinnati Bengals0-217.38-6.41812222117161221
19New York Jets1-117.88-5.4211121201920229
20Tennessee Titans1-1195.22220171418221920
21Los Angeles Chargers0-220.25-6.81716252221182122
21Los Angeles Rams1-120.250.1202492314242523
23New York Giants1-123.131.42328271925262413
24Minnesota Vikings0-223.5-2.82522242624192325
25New England Patriots0-223.63-3.42425232820232026
26Las Vegas Raiders1-125.5-3.82626202527272627
27Indianapolis Colts1-126.1332730262426252724
28Denver Broncos0-227.25-2.72823282728282828
29Carolina Panthers0-228.88-0.82927292929292930
30Chicago Bears0-230.38-1.43029303031323229
31Houston Texans0-231-0.23131313132313031
32Arizona Cardinals0-231.380.53232323230303132

Sources: ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sports, USA Today, The Athletic, FOX, Yahoo!, PFT

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