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2019 NFL Team Rushing Defense Stats

The table below ranks all 32 NFL teams in rushing yardage allowed per game.

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1Tampa Bay Buccaneers362118173.83.2611
2New York Jets417139186.93.3412
3Philadelphia Eagles353144290.14.0813
4New Orleans Saints345146191.34.2312
5Baltimore Ravens340149493.44.3912
6New England Patriots365152895.54.197
7Indianapolis Colts383156797.94.098
8Oakland Raiders405157098.13.8815
9Chicago Bears4141632102.03.9416
10Buffalo Bills3881649103.14.2512
11Dallas Cowboys4071656103.54.0714
12Tennessee Titans4151672104.54.0314
13Minnesota Vikings4041728108.04.288
14Pittsburgh Steelers4621753109.63.797
15Atlanta Falcons4211775110.94.2213
16Denver Broncos4261783111.44.199
17San Francisco 49ers4011802112.64.4911
18Los Angeles Chargers4291805112.84.2115
19Los Angeles Rams4441809113.14.0715
20New York Giants4691812113.33.8619
21Detroit Lions4551855115.94.0813
22Seattle Seahawks3881883117.74.8522
23Green Bay Packers4111921120.14.6715
24Arizona Cardinals4391922120.14.389
25Houston Texans4031937121.14.8112
26Kansas City Chiefs4162051128.24.9314
27Miami Dolphins4852166135.44.4715
28Jacksonville Jaguars4352229139.35.1223
29Carolina Panthers4452296143.55.1631
30Cleveland Browns4632315144.75.0019
31Washington Football Team4932339146.24.7414
32Cincinnati Bengals5042382148.94.7317

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