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2019 NFL Team Rushing Offense Stats

The table below ranks all 32 NFL teams in rushing yardage per game.

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1Baltimore Ravens5963296206.05.5321
2San Francisco 49ers4982305144.14.6323
3Tennessee Titans4452223138.95.0021
4Seattle Seahawks4812200137.54.5715
5Dallas Cowboys4492153134.64.8018
6Minnesota Vikings4762133133.34.4819
7Indianapolis Colts4712130133.14.5217
8Buffalo Bills4652054128.44.4213
9Houston Texans4342009125.64.6317
10Arizona Cardinals3961990124.45.0318
11Philadelphia Eagles4541939121.24.2716
12Cleveland Browns3931901118.84.8415
13Oakland Raiders4371893118.34.3313
14Carolina Panthers3861819113.74.7120
15Green Bay Packers4111795112.24.3718
16New Orleans Saints4051738108.64.2912
17Jacksonville Jaguars3891708106.84.393
18New England Patriots4471703106.43.8117
19New York Giants3621685105.34.6511
20Denver Broncos4091662103.94.0611
21Detroit Lions4071649103.14.057
22Washington Football Team356158398.94.459
23Kansas City Chiefs375156998.14.1816
24Tampa Bay Buccaneers409152195.13.7215
25Cincinnati Bengals385151794.83.949
26Los Angeles Rams401149993.73.7420
27Chicago Bears395145891.13.698
28Los Angeles Chargers366145390.83.9712
29Pittsburgh Steelers395144790.43.667
30Atlanta Falcons362136185.13.7610
31New York Jets383125778.63.286
32Miami Dolphins349115672.33.3110

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